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practice lighting sketches| probably tasteful nudes|| RESSURECTION OF THREAD!


Sassy lesser panda.
Oh in that case I would love to be drawn. ♡


Don't worry about the tshirt designs. Any long tshirt will work. ☆
Also yes, she's meant to be fat. Haha.


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Would you be interested in drawing my sona? Here are some examples:

www.furaffinity.net: Bust by Rimna < my ava in higher res
www.furaffinity.net: Smile by Rimna < full body and fur pattern
www.furaffinity.net: Peace and quiet by Rimna < chill pose and fur pattern
www.furaffinity.net: Chillin' by Rimna < chill pose 2

I'm fine with NSFW if you chose to do that. But if you want more details and a couple of nsfw examples, please PM me. And if you do chose my sona - his hands and feet are covered in fur. This is something I haven't communicated with artists in the past.

Thank you for the opportunity.


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Patron Mother of Tentacle Smut


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Lol, I bet I'm quite late to this event. Though why not try and submit a thing for it regardless haha. Anywho, here you are tysm if u can draw it


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Ooo, do Vanessa for me! (She’s meant to be very hefty in the rear, in case that hip span and those legs don’t make it obvious, lol. She’s a pudgy girl, too~)


Make it as lewd and nude as you’d like. uwu I have a ref for that purpose, if you need it.
Thank you so much!!! I love what you did with her tattoo especially. She looks amazing <3<3<3!

Also, I'm glad you like Dana!