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Practices for commissions, requests?

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Not really sure how the whole commission/auction process rolls. If someone could explain a bit, that'd be dandy. From what I can tell, it is similar to a request: buyer contacting artist, artist negotiates prices, artist makes picture...
Then there's the difference of digital media and natural, or even getting past sketch or inked progress. If it's digitally colored or inked, does a print have to be delivered? What of the cases when no hard copy is delivered at all, is that where those $1 commissions come from? What grade of skill reflects pricing, or is it all just popularity?
Is it a better idea to make generally appealing pieces and auctioning them off, or waiting for individual commissions? How do you attract buyers?

If those questions go over you, this is pretty much a request for you, as participants of the rest of the furry art community, to give a decent idea of what people would actually pay for in an art commission. What would you pay for?
I would absolutely love to be able to art for some scraps of spare cash, but not really sure what people want.

If anything can be arranged from here, then my apologies for the misplaced topic. If a request or idea spawned from discussion here ends up being a good piece, would it be rude to auction that off?
All of those questions you asked at the beginning are ones that you as the artist should answer yourself :)
Most people on the internet accept just the .jpeg/.gif/whathaveyou file as the finished piece. Some artists will send out prints or the actual picture if it's traditional art.

I suggest going to artists that you like, and artists that you feel have a similar skill level to you, and check out their pricing.

Good luck!
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