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Prank the poster above you!


Really ratty rat
*I eat my own yogurt greedily! Now future me won't have any yogurt! Haha!*
(an attempt to revitalize this thread, because I like it :p)


I put the fun in dysfunctional
A pwank, eh. A good pwank indeed...

*puts aww the seewds away into anothew bag and stashes it behind the fwidge*


I put the fun in dysfunctional
*glues all the furniture to the ceiling*


aka Cutter Cat
Super glues a quarter to your floor and watches as you try to pick it up.


Time in a bottle and sweet dreams!
*Takes you to bed. Have a fun night.*

*I slip itching powder in your underpants.*

*Tells you the night after I have herpes.*