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Predators and Prey

I saw this game awhile back and thought it may be fun to try here. Here’s how it works, If a commenters sona is a prey species, +1 point, but if it’s a predator -1 point, here’s an example

Beginning total:0
Comment 1:Wolf:-1
Comment 2:Bear:-2
Comment 3:Mouse:-1
Comment 4: deer: 0
And so on

First side to -20 or 20 wins!

EDIT: The non spam version can be found under the PredsVSPrey tag!
I’m suprised how long this games been going, thanks everyone! ^^
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Late Healer Ferret
Slides in with a -1
Ferrets are obligatory carnivores.


Edit2: wow I misread rules
Slides in with a +1
Ferrets are obligatory carnivores.

Start this out right!
Total: 2

...aren’t deer prey though...
Yes, each prey adds a point, and a predator subtracts 1


Late Healer Ferret


Late Healer Ferret
Okay fixing again:

We back at 0


Late Healer Ferret
whoop ninjad.

We at -1!

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Foxyfluffs eats more than they get eaten.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Skunks almost never get eaten, but we do eat snakes, wasps, bees, and many bugs.




Late Healer Ferret

More predator points!