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Predators and Prey

I saw this game awhile back and thought it may be fun to try here. Here’s how it works, If a commenters sona is a prey species, +1 point, but if it’s a predator -1 point, here’s an example

Beginning total:0
Comment 1:Wolf:-1
Comment 2:Bear:-2
Comment 3:Mouse:-1
Comment 4: deer: 0
And so on

First side to -20 or 20 wins!

EDIT: The non spam version can be found under the PredsVSPrey tag!
I’m suprised how long this games been going, thanks everyone! ^^
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Late Healer Ferret
Slides in with a -1
Ferrets are obligatory carnivores.


Edit2: wow I misread rules
Slides in with a +1
Ferrets are obligatory carnivores.

Start this out right!
Total: 2

...aren’t deer prey though...
Yes, each prey adds a point, and a predator subtracts 1


Late Healer Ferret


Late Healer Ferret
Okay fixing again:

We back at 0


Late Healer Ferret
whoop ninjad.

We at -1!

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Foxyfluffs eats more than they get eaten.


Late Healer Ferret

More predator points!