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Predators and Prey


Vulpine Maid
*The Skunk laughs uncontrollably accidentally spraying the other "skunk":p



*The other “skunk” goes to an employee bathroom to wash out the skunk stench with Simo Suds. A cheetah is also visible through the window. He seems to be headed to Savings Skunk for ice cream.*




Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf.


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aka Cutter Cat
It's all in the group and the DM, really. I've only played about 4 sessions of it with my close friend group that I made in high school (that kinda split when it came time for college), and it was AMAZING. The group, myself included, are all nerds, so we all enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for anything RPG, too. We had a druid (me), a paladin, a rogue (a very murderous one who couldn't keep his knife in his pants), a cleric, a hunter, and a warrior.
I'd highly recommend it, though! Lots of good times to be had if you can find the right people who are as interested in it as you.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane :)
Yes, it's all in the DM. I started playing in 1974. Yes... when it first came out in the little white box set with the die that turned into marbles after a day's worth of use. I knew Gary Gygax, but never got the chance to game with him. I had a hobby shop in the mid 80's and lots of game designers would come to my shop because it was built into part of a geodesic dome and literally looked like a cave inside.




Professional Watermelon Farmer


Before you sell your Cheetahs, here's some examples of what S.S. Skunk & Co. is ready to pay:

Mint Green Cheetahs-----$100,000
Cussing Cheetahs-----$75,000
Watermelon Cheetahs-----$200,000
'Common' Cheetahs-----up to $50,000

*Finders fees paid*

Bring me the Chees and I'll show you the money!

Simo S. Skunk Zoo Company, Ltd. Traverse City, Michigan: Importers of fine and rare Cheetahs since 1896.


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A Minty cheetah

~C H E E~
*sniffs about*

Hmmm...awfully minty smelling snow leopard here!


*paints rosette spots all over you*
Now you're a skeopard!