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Predators and Prey


Professional Nibbler


Professional Nibbler
*Picks a piece of bard robe from my teeth*

Can you say that again? I missed that.
*walks over to you and shouts what I said earlier right in your ear*
Did you hear me now? I can repeat myself if you need me to :D

By eating prey, I'm just protecting the poor celery that can't protect itself.
Well every prey has their own garden! I don't see any preds giving birth to any prey! It's much easier to plant a seed and create life that way than to try to birth a whole different species, only to eat them later! Duh ;)
Aye Sargent!
*Clunks and jankles off into the woods*
*salutes you with a nervous smile as you clank noisily away*
Umm... @Simo? I think we might need to set up a rescue mission.
I suppose I'll go get Elias...


Professional Nibbler
What kind of predator would I be if I only "nibbled and gnawed" the prey. Prey that nibbles and gnaws those poor undefended vegetables should be ashamed of themselves.
Yeah, you rude preds would rather maul something and induce as much pain as possible! Tsk tsk tsk!
Plants don't even have pain receptors or a nervous system, so the only reason any prey should feel guilty is if they don't replant the seeds :)