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Predators and prey


TFed Ex-Knight
(I got to the bus stop... then realized I left my phone. so I guess I’m on for another half hour xD)
(As a side not with half minecraft logic, milk does seem to remove all effects, even postive ones, but if some pvp potions were to suddenly wear off then it might be dangerous and that is why i thought it would not work at first, and the other thing with the tf and tg potions i am pretty sure expecting them to not drink milk is too much of a strech...

does milk heal pokemon status conditions like poison, sleep, or burn, does it work on confusion, or the move curse... what about the often godmode perish song(heal seed works in pmd)... what happens if a from cannot drink things

(I’d argue that yes, TG/TF potions are invulnerable to the milk. And yes, it heals status conditions, the move curse, and even perish song (if milk can make illagers forget they ever met you, it can fix anything xD))


Time in a bottle and sweet dreams!
*prevents theft with shield*
*Sits on @Arishipshape.*

*Attatches to you with seatbelt so I cannot be bashed away.*