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Predators and Prey


Spotted Skunk
I heard about your ways of dealing with death, isn't it in Mexico where they hold cheery events on the Day of the Dead to celebrate good times passed with the deceased ones when they were still alive?! I really admire that!
Yes, that's right!


So truee!!!
Haha we are so lighty about death in our country xD


PC Master Race

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that's impressive! 0wo
yep, when I was watching a vergil boss fight vid : when he was doing that JC, I saw a trail of shadow on the ground, before it reached dante

so I immediately thought, what if it wasn't vergil drawing the sword, launching multiple slashes, then sheathing it back in, all within just brief moments (one JC doesn't last that long)

he could very well be THAT fast to pull it off, but that trail of shadow got me to think of a variant for my sona : firing out an energy bolt (or sword, or whatever) that flies towards the target, and upon impact instantly multiples/explodes into 5-6 energy bolts to strike the target from all direction

and that's the core of my sona's JC (but obviously I won't name it JC, maybe something else)