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Predators and Prey


Happy Pride Everyone!! | Friendly Maney+Phoenix
Oh for heavens sake i cant go to bed like this, i need to do something!

*puts on a pair of earmuffs*

Ahh better
*Flops on a banana and the bull scares up as I go into the costume store, ending up dressed like a cute baby*

Gugunaighta! @w@
(Goodnight darling hehehe! I hope you sleep well uwu)

O - O
*places frog in a shoe box*
Oh, by the way, Gui, one of you North American cousins was hanging out in front of the fridge this morning when I went down to the kitchen to get breakfast. I have no idea how he got into the house, but I picked him up and carefully transported him outside.
D'aw! You got the frog right when it was about to attack the food in your fridge
Their natural habitat! Fridgivores hunting down for their prey!

(Hehehe, awww I'm glad to hear they is back at home uwu
Froggos are precious :3

I think my toad neighbor is still boinging boing outside at nights, specially with the recent rains hehehe :3)


Drunken Scum
Someone needs to give this runaway barber some coffee...
Maur IRL.jpg


Really ratty rat
*Puts betsy down carefully and starts looking around for cheese*

I don't think so! But(t)~~
I see... Ooh! A dairy farm! I'll go to ask if someone has cheese! Hehe

*Opens the dairy farm stable door and a security cow chases me outta the building*
*sniffs @lenago's hat*
Your head smells like cows :3
And cows mean milk. Give me the milk. I want to drink it :3
That... that place where you, bugh.... are?
It is the pantry halloween cage. Very popular. We also have the pantry christmas cage, the pantry easter cage, and the pantry Nicolas Cage's birthday cage.


vaporeon character != mushroom characters
hello pap land


vaporeon character != mushroom characters
*drinks coffee*


vaporeon character != mushroom characters


vaporeon character != mushroom characters

TFs and improves hearing


vaporeon character != mushroom characters


vaporeon character != mushroom characters

more messing with peoples form