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Prefered horror games


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Silent Hill 2 was the only horror game that really left a lasting impact on me. I suppose because Psychological horror is something that I find more inherently disturbing, so I guess there is some bias there. Regardless, imo it's by far the most creepy of the series.
I recommend Doki Doki (steam) but WITH the warning that it is a psychological horror.
It comes with warnings that those with mental issues (myself VERY included) should use caution when playing it.
It is a good game though.


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I'm a wimp when it comes to horror games haha! I mean, there are parts of Fallout 3 that give me the willies XD.

That said, I do really love psycological horror best, even if it gives me the worst anxiety, so if I ~could~ play I'd probably play Amnesia.

I sat through the teaser thing with my husband and girlfriend for Silent Hills.... I had the worst kind of panic attack afterward even if it was AMAZING. So yeah lmao. It was the perfect levels of creepy and awful, with a nice tolerable amount of bloodiness. (I'm not sure if Resident Evil or Silent Hill would be in my preferred range, I mean, I love the art, and I've seen most of the Resident Evil films, but games are more immersive for me. That said, there was a spot in Woman in Black that made me straight up SCREAM because of immersion and built up tension.)


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I love horror games, but it sucks that sometimes I can't handle the pressure XD I grew up with Resident Evil, so that would be my top choice, even though they are not really that scary. If I have to choose my top by how scary or well-made they are I would say these (in no particular order):

1. Dead Space
2. Dead Space 2
3. Alien Isolation
4. Resident Evil 2 (and RE2 Remake)
5. Resident Evil 0
6. Resident Evil 4
7. Resident Evil 7
8 Resident Evil 1 Remake

My weakness is games were you're chased (run and hide mechanics) and jumpscared. Alien Isolation is by far one of the scariest games I've played because of this, but I loved it so much that I had to beat it at least once. There is only one game that manged to defeat me, and that would be Outlast. I just couldn't handle it :D