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Preg Server: Pregnatorium for Furries

Hello guys! I have made a preg server all my own and it is currently growing within the week I have made it! If you are interested in joining the server all you need to do is make a profile in the #profiles tab and read the rules in the #rules tab. There are many art channels in there to post certain types of art but make sure that if it isn't yours credit the artist.

We have preg art channels and non preg art channels as well as extreme channels for those who have the hyper preg or other fetishes deal. We have second life channel for those who are on second life and into the pregnant furry fandom!

So here is a link to the preg fur server and enjoy your stay! And remember play nice! Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

<3 Rima | Kanta

Ovidia Dragoness

Udder Derg
Sooooooo... I hate to sound weird but are mpreg furries allowed to join? I'm trying to make new friends and this sounds... interesting, to say the least.