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Pretending to be something you are not.


I don't feel/want the need to lie about who/what I am or what I do ( there is a pic of me floating around here some place with a slightly altered face lol ) for a living. ( mechanic/owner of a landscaping company ) The only thing I wont give out is my real name unless we become friends .


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I know people hate reading so here is the question first: Have you ever lied about what you do as a job, or college etc on the internet? ie these forums or some other forum.

I never have, I could easily go onto any forum and start telling them that, I dunno, I'm a doctor, or a fire fighter or something, pretending to be something I'm not, and I have at times thought about this, but then I think "Whats the point?" I'm not an attention whore. As I have met someone irl that I met online first it is just aswell I don't pretend to be something I'm not.

No, I don't. Only thing in my profile that isn't RL me is my name. But then, just because it's not my birth name, doesn't mean it's not me. I am Atrakaj.


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I'm a compulsive lier. I'm not sure if i've ever told the truth.


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I have great sex with busty babes on a nightly basis. I'm actually getting kinda bored with it. :(


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Oh hai. Though I'm pretending to be something I feel I am, does that count?

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It's the internet, I expect everything is a half-truth, so I end up telling half-truths.

It also makes it harder for internet e-sleuths to infringe on someones real life, when they should just keep it on the internet.


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I lie more in real life than on the internet. And not because I don't have actual merits, or whatever. Like, I don't lie about things that'll get me caught out (like saying "Yeah, I can fix cars!" when I couldn't tell you how to open the freaking front thingo)

It's weird stuff that comes out by accident. Like, lying about eye colour, or the type of shoes I'm wearing that day. Stuff that has no real impact, but yeah, constant stream of lies in that department.

Oh, and I have sometimes made myself sound worse to my friends "Yeah, I got a grade of B+..." when I got an A, to make said friends feel better about themselves and stuff...

Basically, I suck :p


Oh Derpy! That's not a letter
So you're becoming gay. Seems logical.

Don't worry. I have ordered Thors with strap on gear for the females to keep me interested.