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Pretty baby dog partial $720(free express shipping)


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[/url] [/IMG]


copy and paste to your browser if the link isnt work https://www.instagram.com/p/B9XE-7CiMti/?utm_sourc...


Head size is UNIVERSAL. Glasses friendly!

What mean universal? Inside there is a system of belts and pillows that you customize for yourself. Therefore, the head has a universal size.

About head:

  • Lightweight foam base;
  • Moving jaw(easy to open);
  • Hand painted "Follow me" eyes with plastic eyes form;
  • Very soft and very fluffy fur;
  • Fleece nose, teeth and tongue;
  • Exellent vision and breathing;
  • Ultra soft and fluffy fur
Hands size is UNIVERSAL
  • Fleece pawpads;
  • Cute fleece claws;
  • 4 fingers;

  • Medium tail;
  • Has belt loop;
  • Waist belt included!
  • Very fluff.

Made by Firefly Studio( Insta https://www.instagram.com/fireflystudiofurry/)


Used EMS express shipping for shipping. Its free

Shipping time 26-28 days
  • Via airmail
  • In box
  • With track number
Once I receive your payment ,your suit will be shipped within 3-7 work days

Once the fursuit is out of my hands and shipped off, I am not held responsible for any losses and damages (though improbable). IF anything happens, however, please contact me for a resolution. (This varies case to case)

  • Only PayPal. I can send out an invoice to the winner (if need)
  • Only USD(American USD)
  • No returns or refunds
  • No trade
  • Only 18 y.e
Every effort is made to describe items as carefully as possible. All items are sold as is, no returns or refunds. Email with any question you are welcome!
By bidding, you are stating that you have read the description, viewed images and had your questions answered, and that you accept terms and conditions of sale.

I am very serious about sales and I hope that you will treat this with complete seriousness too

Thank you!