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(Commission) Selling: PRICE CUT [UNLTD SLOTS] (5-90+USD)


Vincent the serval
Hello y'all! It is me, your friendly neighborhood serval, Vincent! I'm in need of money to support my type 1 diabetes insulin dependency as well as to feed myself, because I'm not in a stable situation, so I'd appreciate if you at least checked out my shop! Even if you don't buy anything, I value your time. :) I've been drawing since I was a little kid and really have a passion for animals and mythical creatures, so I hope you can find something you like here!
If you want to help but aren't interested in art, consider supporting me through Ko-Fi! Every dollar does count, when my insulin costs 27USD a bottle.

You can find all of my art examples on my Instagram, my deviantArt, my ToyHouse, and of course my FurAffinity!

  • Please read all the Rules and follow my Can Do's and Can Not's!
  • Also please note I have sight issues and will do my best, but if a character is not very clear or easy for me to understand, I will inquire about them. I draw in a semi realistic style so please give me real animals or established mythical creatures to take anatomy points from if your character has a chibi reference
  • Happy to draw both original, fan, and Flight Rising characters!
  • One commission per slot; one person may have multiple slots
  • Potential charge depending on the complexity of the character; it is case by case and price will always be agreed upon before I start
  • You can repost my art, but be sure to credit any of the three sites I post my art
  • Payment can be sent either at the confirmation of the commission or when I finish but I will not send the art until I have received it.

Art Details
  • All payments via PayPal.
  • Headshots end at the base of the head, busts go to the shoulders, and half bodies will include both the front legs and any applicable wings.
  • I am happy to PM you a work in progress for any commission. Unless you request a WIP, I will not send one.
  • Edits during the sketch phase will be free. Small edits after the lining and colouring phases will be free, such as missing a marking or wrong eye colour. Large edits will cost a percentage fee depending on how much of the picture is altered once the lining and/or colouring has been done, such as a different pose.
  • For Flight Rising dragons, I will be drawing them without any apparel as it takes me much longer to complete each commission with them. There will be a hefty fee for each piece you want, noted on the Extra Fees tab. Skins are also included in this.
  • Please state the height comparisons if there are multiple characters in one picture

Basic Prices for a digital sketch, and flat colour:
  • 5USD - headshot
  • 7USD - bust
  • 10USD - half body
  • 20USD - full body
  • 30USD - character custom from scratch
  • Sketch page - PWYW above 5USD

  • Simple Reference: 35USD
    -Includes a single full body
    -Colour pallette
    -Paw and/or blood
  • Moderate Reference: 45USD
    -Includes two full bodies
    -One extra (expression, zoom in, or accessory)
    -Colour pallette
    -Paw and/or blood
  • Complex Reference: 70USD
    -Includes up to three full bodies
    -Three extras (expression, zoom in, or accessory)
    -Colour pallette
    -Paw and/or blood
Reference Rules & Fees
  • +5USD for each 'extra' (accessory or zoom in)
  • +10 for each additional headshot or expression
  • +30 for each full body
  • -50% for coloured sketches
  • I will only design a character for you for a fee
  • I will work from a written description if it is detailed
  • I will work out payment plans depending. Just ask!
Extra Fees
  • +5USD - basic shading
  • -25% for only lineart
  • -50% for coloured sketches
  • -80% for uncoloured sketch
  • +5-15USD - basic to medium background, depends on complexity
  • +100% for extra character (example X)
  • Ask about: sketch pages, discord/twitch emotes, traditional art, & anything else you might like! I am always open to trying new things and happy to work with the customer to guarantee their satisfaction!
Will comfortably do:
  • Ferals (especially skilled at felines, canines, and foxes)
  • Anthros
  • Pokemon (especially skilled at the Eegeelutions & any cat or dog based mon)
  • Dragons, other reptiles, fish, and avians
  • Character designing
Will try but am inexperienced:
  • Humans [headshot or bust only]
  • Equines
  • Working from a description
  • Basic backgrounds with a single element
Will not do:
  • NSFW
  • Backgrounds

[b]Headshot, Bust, Half Body, or Full body:[/b] Choose one
[b]Sketch, Flat color, and/or Shading:[/b] Choose which apply
[b]Reference:[/b] A clear reference or series of pictures for what you would like drawn
[B]WIP updates?:[/b] Opt in or leave blank for no
[b]Any Other Notes:[/b] Anything else you want me to know; pose, expression, if you do or do not want sketch updates, et cetra

Recent examples of my art:


Headshot + 1 character



Halfbody sketch + 4 apparel & 1 skin

Full body

Anthro full body

Simple reference

Moderate Reference

Uncoloured full body sketch + 1 character

Character design from scratch

Character design from scratch​

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  • 2. Open
  • 3. Open
  • 4. Open
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