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Price cuts, and Free Headshot sketches!

Ahoy hoy everyone! If you are looking for cheap commissions or you have a budget to work with look no further! I am an all traditional artist and I am open for business. As of right now I am currently lowering my prices while i know everyone is scrimping for money...

I am currently offering the following:

$1 head shot sketches of your fursona... pencil only
$3 sketched icons... no color
$5 icons, inked sketches...
$10 colored pics...

Here are some samples:


I am also doing free head shot sketches but i have limited slots open for them... after they are taken these are the going prices if you like what you see. I currently have 7 slots left open for free sketches. if you are interested in either a free sketch or having a commission done...please leave me a note on my profile. i accept paypal, and money order.

hope to hear from you all soon!