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Price of Realistic vs. Toony Suits


Sound Sculptor
I was wondering if the fact that a fursuit is realistic vs. toony plays a factor in the price of it. I'm currently going off of the assumption that realistic suits cost more than toony ones. Is this correct? Or is this not as big a factor in suit price?


Yup, realistic suits tend to cost more. They're more work, there are more details to put in and sometimes more expensive materials to buy. (Cast rubber pawpads cost more/take TONS more time to make than sewing faux leather ones, just to give one example.)


Lurking in Castle Moats
I agree with BladeSpark.

The difference is definitely in the materials. Realism requires more expensive materials and more work. In order to even get doing resin blanks off the ground is an expensive venture (and the resin blanks are the best for doing those realistic heads). Once you can make your blanks...well the fur itself is often very expensive. Imagine 20-30 bucks per yard versus 40 or 50. Those realistic furs are expensive. Then you have the cast eyes, the cast jaws, and more realistic tounges. Also you have hinge material to take into consideration. Also realism often benefits from shadowing via air brush work.

But to be honest it's not as though the toony isn't it's own bit of work when you have to shape the actual foam base itself. But material wise it is cheaper.


It averages out to be the same. Price difference is going to stem from head construction more than anything. Silicone pawpads might add $50 to the overall price, but when you're looking at dropping 2 grand on something that's a drop in the bucket. Plus lots of toony makers use silicone pawpads and such. Realistic furs tend to be cheaper than toony ones, actually, unless you're looking at the ultra sleek stuff like form plushfurs.