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Hiring: (Prices Negotiable) Looking for an Animator to create an 80s cartoon style intro for a D&D Campaign! [CLOSED]


D&D Dungeon Master
Hello everyone! I got into D&D about eight months ago and began DMing a campaign for IRL friends back in December. But starting this Sunday, I'll be starting an online NSFW campaign for a large group of fellow furs. It'll be a D&D campaign like any other, with a large focus on telling collective stories and roleplaying, but also not fading to black when hot coffee starts pouring. When the PCs get captured by villains, more kinky stuff can occur in loo of generic torture or incarceration.

The story hooks and lore for the campaign are as follows:

  • Life on Hyrellos was usually quite pleasant, save for conflicts like the Dragonborn fighting demons because of the tieflings' ancestors' pact with demons that resulted in their creation.
  • 173 years before the campaign begins, an event known as The Shadowfall occurs. All the stars went out in the night sky, the moon became blood red for weeks before fading back to a dull pale blue, and the dead began to rise, only for the sun to destroy them and have them reconstitute in their graves to rise again the next night. The nights also began to become plagued by aberrations and monstrosities. It was worse in the Underdark, as the drow were displaced by the horrors awakened by the Shadowfall. The gods also went silent, as if they vanished.
  • Player Character Menepthah (anubian jackal + dragon hybrid), a Shadow Sorcerer, was there for the Shadowfall initially.
  • Radicalized by an unseen force putting the blame on mages for the Shadowfall, the Lightbringer Empire swiftly rose to power on the promises of safety, order, and reversing the Shadowfall.
  • The Lightbringers attack Menepthah's order of mages called The Magi Order, his mentor putting him under the effects of Sequester under the temple to save his life. Menepthah wakes months before the campaign begins to discover his home and school now serves as the palace for the Lightbringers and that their capital was built around it. Fearing for his life, he then began a life on the run.
  • The party begins the campaign riding with a halfling caravan seeking to travel to the Elven Capital of Myta Serinu in order to seek asylum, as the elven lands of Fairhaven are protected by an auroral forcefield known as the Celestial Curtain.
  • While camping for the night, Lightbringer forces set themselves upon the camp, lead by a tiefling Magi Hunter (also known to the common folk as Black Knights) named Kallista. Having learned of Menepthah, Kallista demands the drackal sorcerer turn himself in, or else everyone there will face summary execution for harboring a dangerous fugitive.
  • It's at this point, the party will need to decide to resist, or flee.
Player Characters:

  • Menepthah - Dragon jackal hybrid Shadow Sorcerer
  • Aamus - Deer/Wolf hybrid, Path of Wild Magic Barbarian
  • Darius Beshkar - Dragonborn/Orc hybrid, Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter
  • Undri Menkera - Tabaxi, Fighter/Rogue
  • Nova - Fox, Hunter Ranger
  • Titus Moonfag - Simic Hybrid (Fox/Snow Leopard Tabaxi), Gloom Stalker Ranger
I'll attach character art and a world map.

World map: Hyrellos World Map


Now, onto the animation I desire to be made.

Ever see the opening for any kickass Saturday morning cartoon from the 80s-early 2000s? That's basically what I wish to go for here with this animation, I'd like to create a 2-3 minute, easily digestible animation set to Pat Benetar's 'Invincible' showing the lore and story hooks, player characters, and major villains. Just like a Saturday morning cartoon opening. I've written out something of a script for how I imagine it playing out, but by all means don't be afraid to take inspiration from intros like Thundercats, He-Man 2002, etc.

Set to Pat Benetar's Invincible.

Begin with wide sweeping shots of Hyrellos showing generally good life for denizens for the most part.

When Benetar sings the lyric "this sudden darkness fills the air," show the stars going out in the sky, the Shadowfall begins.

Moon goes blood-red, undead, gibbering mouthers, beholders, etc plague the night.

Show the Magi Order studying, cut to their banner which is then set aflame. Then show the Lightbringer Empire waging war against the magi.

Show Menepthah awaking from Sequester to a world ruled by the Lightbringers.

Menepthah joins up with the caravan, other party members are shown, they meet & greet.

As Benetar sings "What're we runnin' for? We've got the right to be angry
What're we runnin' for, when there's nowhere we can run to anymore" Kallista and her Lightbringer forces attack.

Party travels across Hyrellos and fights against the Lightbringers. Reveal the identity of Leader of Lightbringers in wham shot that pans out to show more about The Shadowfall (Being that the All-Mother's evil half, the Anti-Mother, cloaked Hyrellos in shadows and then went to war with her better half. Will post details on the deities, and just more details in general to whoever wants to accept this.).

End intro with the party standing triumphant and silhouetted by the sunrise, Leader of the Empire looming over them in the starless night sky.

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