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Pricing YCH?


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Hi! I'm not a new artist, but I'm kinda starting over due to a previous incident with stalking and safety issues. SO I don't have a slew of examples because I fear sharing from my old gallery would just make me able to be found.

SO, I was going to ask if you guys could give me an idea of a fair price for this YCH I'm working on?

If I had a lot of examples, it'd be easier to show people what I can do, so what I'm asking involves the fact that I don't. It's a what you see is what you get style. YCH makes that easier, and I finished up half of the face to give a sense of my abilities.

So full bust, your hairstyle/colors/markings, etc.
Base is cat, obviously, but I could probably do fox, dog, mouse, similar creatures?
I'd like to say any species, but not sure some would work so well with it.

What should I charge?

(And I know the hair is a little messy. I didn't wanna do fully finished hair since that's one of the majorly changeable parts.)

Thanks for any help.
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Could you tell us how long it took to produce your art? You should select a price that is at the very least above the minimum wage rate you'd expect for those hours. :]


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Well this piece is hard to gauge on that. I was having a huge problem with PS and it was lagging like hell so it took way too long. Over 10 hours. It shouldn't have taken near that. At that time it'd be Over $70. But, I also haven't finished painting the whole thing, just a part for an example. So customization should take 2-3 hours at a guess. Which is an additional $21 ish. Could take more. I won't know until I do one. Not for sure.

But with YCH, what do you price off of anyway? The total of the base plus custom? Because that's getting really high here. Or some middle ground? I was going for $50 based on what I've been told so far elsewhere. Is that fair? To buyers and me?

Thank you for help.


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It is. But it's even more now because it's left me in a scary financial situation with not much time to solve it. I have to get myself back up and running but I know too well how long it takes to build a following.
Thanks for your sympathy. I hope this works out for me, but I've got 5 days to raise a silly amount of money or I'm totally screwed. So a bit stressed.


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