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(Other) Selling: Princess Bunny Calendar 2022 - 75€ (With your character! 4/12 taken)


Princess Bunny ♥
Hey guys! I'm preparing another calendar por 2022 and it's going to be like the one I did for 2020, check it out here


Just like the other calendar, each month will feature a guest character with one or two from PB universe :D You can choose the month/s you prefer and throw some ideas at me of what you'd like. Also, you'll get an extra chibi illustration that I will turn into sticker and a badge!
If you choose more than a month, it has to be with different characters of yours! Mine can be repeated, however. You will also get a chibi per each character, a sticker and badge for each character and, if you want, you can get the extra copy of the calendar, or just one. Your choice!

The calendar should be finished in November so you can get them before the end of the year!

The cost will be 75€ (60€ for the illustration and 15€ for shipping, printing, etc) and you will get:

- An illustration of your character with one/two from Princess Bunny.
- A physical copy of the calendar.
- A print/poster of your illustration from the calendar.
- A sticker and badge of your character in chibi version.

How to save a slot? Just contact me through a PM!

REMEMBER: You don't get the slot saved until the payment is completed!


January -
February -
March -Taken
April - Taken
May -Taken
June -
July - Taken
August -
September -
October -
November -
December -
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