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Princess Bunny Community - Discord Server


Princess Bunny ♥
First of all you can get more info about Princess Bunny here. =)

Initially the discord server was only meant for Patrons, it was a place where I used to upload their rewards when we were just a few. Then I had a problem: not all patrons would want to join discord, and if their didn't join they would not get the rewards, therefore, they would rather not support me at all.

Well, things have changed: all patreon rewards are now sent via Patreon, so all supporters will get an email with their rewards and never miss anything again. Also, new supporters have access to previous rewards just by taking a look at my Patreon main page! =)

What happened with the server then?

Since... always, I wanted to have a place where I could be closer to my commissioners and Princess Bunny fans or just people who enjoy my art and talking to me. Since the Patreon discord server was basically useless lately I've decided to turn it into a place as mentioned below, but mostly focused on Princess Bunny followers/fans! I mean: a community for the little fun bunny girl.
I know this comic will be alive for many years, I'm working really hard on it's release so you can have content, pages, every week... and I felt like I was missing a place where all the people who are enjoying the story could all reunite and share. Share their thoughts, discussions, fanart...

Of course, in this server you won't ONLY talk about Bunny. We have channels to talk about music, games, pets, memes, pictures... anything! And I am totally fine with creating new channels, you just have to use the Suggestions channel to give me more ideas :D

You also have:

- A bunch of fun channels for random talk: jokes, games, music, share fun experiences, vent a MORE.
- You get access to my working schedule. Wondered how is your commission going? was it this month or next month? Well, no more doubts :D
- Weekly art challenges (and writing): I still didn't start this but I will as soon as more artists land in the server =) The idea is to do weekly challenges together and improve our art!
- Promote your art! You can do this either by winning challenges or by becoming a $1+ patron!
- Exclusive raffles, contests and moreee.

The community will grow, this is not just a random server. It has a purpose, and it's basically a point of reunion for Princess Bunny fans!

Thank you very much for reading <3!

Join Discord Here!