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Printing Help


If I posted this in the wrong location, please move the thread or correct me.

Excluding backyard downtown middle of nowhere one-time locations that I will never go to, where should I go to get my prints made? I started out going to kinkos, who always printed too dark. So I moved to a random location none of you have even conceivably heard of and they were fine - right up until they screwed me royally last year. This year I went back to kinkos... Who also screwed me over, but less painfully.

I made a journal about it and someone told me I should try out Office Depot. However I was wondering if there are other general locations I could look up and visit as well.

Next, what steps should I (or anyone else reading this thread) take to ensure that the prints made are to my liking? What common file types should I get to know? Is there anything about size I should be aware of? Is there any way to get rid of jpg pixelation when I only have a jpg file (regardless of what it's changed to) and want a moderately clean picture? How do I ensure that the pictures wont come off as too dark when I pay for them? Should I give them copies of prints or a cd? (I always give them a cd, but if I go the other method, how would I go about making default prints?)

What's a good cost per print that I should try to stay around?

Thank you for your time.


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Hopefully, more knowledgeable furs will answer— this thread could be very helpful for many artists.

As for what I can offer. . .

I've had exceptionally good rapport with Office Depot. The establishment I used to frequent seemed to be geared more towards document-based printing than artistic image printing. But the results were quite acceptable for the price, and there were many options available. As a plus, pictures were reprinted even if errors were very slight— a service the technicians provided promptly without me having to demand it. Larger print orders, however, could not be made in house and had to be ordered.

Concerning pricess, a cursory glance between Office Depot, Staples, and Kinko's leaves Staples with the most expensive prints according to their respective websites. I have not, however, purchased prints from Staples or Kinkos so I am unaware of their quality.

I've found it helpful to adjust my pictures according to the size of the paper to which they will be transfered in reference to the style of the image being printed (e.g. if the image has a border, a background, or blank space). For example, images that should be framed should have space reserved around the edges for the physical frame; images with backgrounds can be maximized to cover as much paper as possible.

As for file types, I generally retain the original format of my files (in my case, PSD) as a superstition against problems with resolution and size.
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I just stopped going to those places and am in the process of ordering a large Epson and a small HP copy/scan/fax. I ends up costing a lot less per print and I know enough to maintain the printer if it ever needs maintance.