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Problem with tails twisting.


I swear to god, every goddamned time I sew a tail, the damn thing twists on me. It's a problem that has pledged me for a while now.
When I make small tails for the kids in my family, they're fine, but when I make larger tails for costumers, they always seem to start twisting in one direction or another mid-sewing. By the time I'm done the top tip of the tail is almost completely turned to it's side.

I may assume it's something to do with the tension on my sewing machine, but only the tails do this. I've sewn other large projects but they never twist like the tails do.

What the flying fuck am I doing wrong?


Fay V

Lost to this world
Hmm, what kind of sew pattern are you using?

Maybe play with some cheap cloth and hand sew or just hot glue the seams to see if it's still twisting. then you'll know if it's the pattern or the tension


Inglorious Bastard
In my experience, it is usually the tension...but do what fay says! >:V


So my next question, what type of tail pattern do you use?

I commonly use ''cut two long strips and sew them together' style, but from time to time I use the 'cut one wide piece and sew the one seam' style too.
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Fay V

Lost to this world
Usually I use wide cuts. so it's like smaller and smaller circles.


Lurking in Castle Moats
It sounds like to me that your stitches are way too tight. I would suggest trying to make the stiching a little lose, or fall back to sewing the tails by hand.