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proffesional commission jackal fursona

Conri :3

a fuzzeh jackal
Good afternoon (at least it is here :3) ... any way I'm looking for a brave fur( or furs) to work on a piece for me... <3 So my name is conri and I'm a jackal and a slight femboi... My cowboy hat and I are near inseperable. I'm flirty, and I like to tease and flaunt myself
(while I'm not concieted I just crave attention){although I don't need others attention anymore because I have my amazing mate XD} thing is though it's who I am and i'd like to get a few very good artists to try and portray me in that manner.... thats about it though If the artists need more info please pm me (my F4l account is Conri btw) (also please provide ur price I am looking for a full blown pic inked and all... the whole kit and kaboodle ^.^)


I could do something like this for 75 to 100 dollars depending on the amount of detail and the background check out my work on my fa page. :)


I'm interested in doing this; jackals are one of my favorite animals :) An ink and flat color piece is $15, but if you'd like realistic shading, etc, PM me to work out another price.

Here is all my info: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/960216/


Hi ^^
My prices go from 3USD for a sketch like this

to 10USD for a digitally colored sketch like this

to 15 USD for a cell shaded inked drawing like this

17 for a pinup like this

and 20 for a more complicated drawing (more background/different shading)
something like this


i can do full color flats for 30$ digital 40$ traditional (sry markers are exspensive) that covers shipping as well to you
or if you'd really like to venture i can do a watercolor for you for 40$ as well
badges range from 10-30$ as well =)
take a look at my gallery http://www.furaffinity.net/user/voodoowolf/


I'd be willing to do something like that~

Here's my complete info.

Digital Samples:
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3650002 (mature content)

Traditional (watercolor) samples:

- Price 20$
- With mature content : 25 $
- For each extra character : 5 $
- No backgrounds.

- sizes : A5 or slightly smaller than A3
- Price : A5 - from 15 to 20$ A3- from 30$ TO 40$ - (A5 and A3) depending on the dificulty and complexity of the character (s)
- Each extra character 5$
- can chose between whole body or just headshot, makes no diference on the price.
-Shipping: Europe : 3$
Others : 5 $

Thanks for reading please consider <3