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Project: WILD SIDE


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PROJECT: Wild Side

Objective: A weekend camp out event that provides an experience unlike any other to the fandom. The event will be about returning to the natural order of things, to be true to your animal self, to not be hindered nor limited to one's inner wild - and what better to do this than with an outdoor event, away from civilization. Raw, primal, to preserve the very core of who we are, what we do, why we do it, and down right having the time of our lives doing it!

Location: 200 acres of scenic landscape of grassy fields, hills, a river, and lots of surrounding wood kept preserved, tidy and safe. Run by open minded, understanding, and unbiased staff members who welcome us to "share their land", not "use" or "borrow".

On location cabins, renovated with comfortable beds and necessary restrooms (showers included) for guests. Tent camping is also allowed for the location.

Dining Hall serving quality foods for all dietary needs, including vegetarians and vegans, made by restaurant experienced chefs.

Several meeting areas, which could be used for holding registration, headless lounge, artist alleys, dance hall, and other ideal get-togethers!

On location recreation, both indoor and outdoor - swimming and diving pools, volleyball, softball, basketball, soccer, and other areas great for furry shenanigans and playtime!

The location is set on private land, with very understanding and rather party savvy people. This is a true chance to let it all out, be as wild as you can be, and not have to worry about locals!


Addendum and notes:

This is something we want everyone to be involved in, to really take part in the community of the fandom, to come out and get to know everyone, as this is all something we hold true to ourselves and our hearts. Due to the nature, ideals, and attitude for an event such as this, we want to be as limitless in everything we do. Thus, we are currently only planning on charging attendance fee (as to cover the general expenses of holding the event on this location).

No fee is set in stone currently, as our collaboration with the land owners is rather less about economics and more about building a real experience. They are giving us the chance to really build something special to bring to their land, as their land is special to them. The owners delivered to us that they "don't own the land, the patrons do." They "just maintain it." They let us know that it's the people who bring the experience that makes the land special. Talking with these people was an experience in itself, they were so open minded, so giving, it was truly inspiring, and we do not want to let them down, as they have interest in what we want to bring to them.

That being said, we were trying to come up with ideas on how to bring more people out to really gather as a community without the worry of "not having the expenses".

We came up with the idea that there would be no charge for registering for artist alley, or table space, ect. We will try to make ready available tables on a first come first serve basis, apart from those who wish to supply themselves with necessary tables, ect.

Additionally, we of course, would offer special registrations, sponsorships, ect. to those who want to help make the event any more special with extra expense. And always, we would offer special care packages for these said people.

Furthermore, as a community, I would like to keep this thread open and hear ideas from everybody! This event IS being planned. It WILL happen. We want everyone to take part in it, as we are all part of each other.

We will keep you up to date on progress. Now is the time to get the gears in motion. We plan on creating a site in the future for the project, but for now, we'll set it around the community to take in thoughts and ideas.

Much love to everyone, and hope to hear from everyone who shows interest!