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Prompt the Poster Above You


Totally not a vampire
EDIT: P.P.S, As you may have noticed, my two stories feature pretty much exclusively human characters. I'd love to remedy this, but my knowledge of types of creatures that fur affinity posted stories might utilize is woefully inadequate for any storytelling. Is there some sort of wiki or website where I might learn the various species, the differences between classifications such as anthro and feral, their attributes, tendencies, commonalities, and how to best implement them into a story setting? Is there some sort of "furry-verse" with established rules, magics, and species I might read about?

Honestly, you can kind of make up your own rules. There are some furry-based universes out there - there's Star Fox, for example, though the only non-mainstream one I can think of off the top of my head is Vilous, where the Sergal come from - but it's not like there's one big cohesive universe that all furries come from.

There's nothing wrong with using human characters, though! I do it all the time! :3


Above Earth
The brooding figure stood silent, watching the scene unfold through a stone window.
Across the water, the night was lit by a massive flame that reached into the sky. The wooden boat rolled as it’s black sails burned, and was soon swallowed by the black sea.
The figure sighed, and turned back into their tower.
Another group of glory seeking fools gone, another shipwreck surrounding the island…
A few hours later, the sun came up, and the vampire slumbered through the day.
The figure stood at her post the following night, watching the black sea for more ships that would inevitably come. The everlasting lightning storm that surrounded her island crackled as usual, and the rain pelted the beach.
Wait a second.
The vampire thought she saw something. She looked closer…
Yes… what is that?
Past the angry waves, a sail showed itself. It was… tiny. Blowing through the roaring waters, a tiny boat bobbed through.
A lifeboat?
What looked like a tiny canoe reached the sands, it’s patchmarked white sail flittered as the wind hit it. A figure crawled out onto the sand.
Her interest peaked that something different was happening for once, the vampire started their journey down the tower and onto the beach.
The rain let up a bit as she finally reached the canoe. What she found surprised her.
A small girl wearing rags was crawling to their feet. When the soaking girl looked up at the vampire, she didn’t scream in fear. She smiled.
This made the vampire blink.
“Hi!” the girl said.
The vampire stared.
“Are you Ms Vampire?”
She paused at the question. “Yes?”
The moment the vampire answered, the girl rushed over and hugged her.
“W-what?” She sputtered. “What’s the meaning of this?”
“I’m so sorry! It must be so lonely here! All the big men at port were talking about how ‘evil’ you are, and how you live here alone, and that you are a big meanie. But I didn’t believe them! No! You must be here all alone, it must be so boring, and that everybody wants to hurt you! It must be sad! So I decided to come here myself! To make you feel better!”
The vampire was taken aback. Her shoulders relaxed however, and the young girl let go. She was shivering.
“I uh…” The vampire began, not knowing what to say. “How about you come inside?”


Totally not a vampire
I wrote a stupid thing while sick :'D
And it's not even fantasy-themed, for once!


“Ice cream sundaes!? Hot dog!”
Remi scrambled to his feet and took off after the ice cream booth, much to the annoyance of his girlfriend Claire. “H-hey!” she called after him. “What about the volleyball game!?”
“In a minute!” Remi called over his shoulder as he got in line, peering over people's shoulders to get a better look at the options.
Claire just sighed. She knew his fondness for ice cream was unmatched, but this was ridiculous. She shook her head and turned to the court. “Alright, ladies,” she called out to the other bikini-clad girls with a competitive spark in her eyes, “let’s get this rematch started!”
She took the volleyball and, once everyone was in position, spiked the ball with all of her might. A scuffle ensued as the opponents scrambled to return the shot, and the competition began. It was sisters against sisters, a ceremony between long-time neighbors to prove who was the best. Truth be told, Claire didn't even care much about the beach; the competition meant so much more to her.
Remi returned, with a cup full of ice cream and an eyeful of lovely ladies. The beach was nice and everything, but this made it so much better.


Prompt: You never believed in divination by tea leaves… until now.


Above Earth
"Yes! YES! We did it!" a voice echoed across the cavern.
"We've done it! Oh... I've waited so long!"
A large rock was laid askew, leaning against an ancient limestone wall. It was pushed away to reveal an opening. The vast interior was dark, only being lit by the torchlight of two individuals.
"Ruhras, please calm down." a tired cat groaned. "Your yelling is hurting my ears."
The person in question continued forward, ignoring his companion.
"If you knew what this was Toris, you'd have the same reaction!" the much younger cat relied. "I'm serious!"
"I would know if you told me in the first place! This is just a cavern, its nothing!"
"It may seem like that to you ya oldie, but that's because you didn't do your research!"
"Those are fairytales, for the lords sake, those aren't 'research!' They're tales! Stories! Fake!" Toris spat. With his cane, he shuffled after Ruhras further into the cavern.
"You'll see. You'll see all right, like last time."
"They're wasn't a 'last time,' you idiot." he replied, annoyed. "Last time, the only thing we found was a dead tree and a pile of bones."
"Uh huh, just like the research!"
"Re Search." Ruhras emphasized slowly.
They continued in silence, going further into the massive cavern.
"Hey, look!" the younger of the two said, pointing a claw at the ceiling. "A hole."
Indeed, there was a hole. A beam of light from the evening sun shone through, the ray illuminating something on the ground.
"W-woah." Ruhras spoke, his eyes transfixed towards the light. He was staring at something being lit by the light.
"I-is that a tree?" stumbled Toris. He too was staring at a massive thirty foot tree. It's black leaves swayed slightly, as if a breeze moved them.
"Hey... do you smell that? It... it smells like-"
"Tea." mumbled the hunched feline.
The two continued towards the light.
"Wait a second, Is that a... person?"
At the base of the massive tree was a hunched figure. It was hunched into a ball, covering something.
They two approached. As they got closer to the figure, they gasped.
They saw an extremely weathered figure. The person looked like a... mummy. All the fur was gone, showing only remains of skin. The grey skin was taunt against body, revealing the bones similar to a starved slave.
"Oh... oh my... " the young feline swayed slightly, looking sick.
The mummified corpse moved.
Ruhras and Toris stepped back, staring in shock as the starved figure stood up. It's movements were rigid and harsh, the vertibre making a cracking sound as it straightend.
They stepped back again as the figured turned it's eyeless head towards them.
"Ah... Visitors." An oddly smoothing voice spoke. "Its... been awhile since... visitors." The thing tried to smile, only for it's cracked lips to rip.
"Wh... who are you? A witch!?" the older cat said, pointing his torch towards it.
"Mmm..." replied the mummy, pausing for a few agonizing moments. "No... what a crude word. I am a guardian of the divination tree." It revealed something in its hands. Three cups of... freshly brewed tea.
"I've been... waiting for awhile."


Above Earth
Over the horizon, the dim glow of the morning sun came into being, it’s growing light reflecting off the rows of solar array giving the illusion of three massive torches roaring with flame from the earth. It was the reflected light from these arrays that illuminated the base of a monolith, a monolith reaching so high into the heavens that it seemed endless. The light continued to shine, the angle increasing, showing the scars of the city below. Areas were flattened, shattered, giant rips of black like a giant animal clawed its way through the cityscape. The fires were gone now but the wounds remained. Specs of light fluttered like fireflies around the base of the golden construct driven by an endless energy towards something greater, more important. Platforms of all sizes rocketed up and down the tower, their appearance similar to the fireflies that raced alongside them, with the biggest platform the size of a city district that descended as slow as the sun rose. It was one of these platforms that two individuals in a crowd of thousands waited for.

“Are you afraid?”

The question made the younger flitch. He turned towards the source of the question. Standing patiently was a wrinkled man who wore a golden robe and soft smile.

“Excuse me… sir?” The younger man adjusted his glasses, confused. “Do I know you?”

The old man’s smile grew slightly as he shook his head.

“No.” He said simply.

The man blinked, his gaze sharpening through the round spectacles. There was something with this old man he couldn’t place. His smile, his eyes… off.

“But you will, watcher.”

“What are you talking about? Watcher? What-.”

“Are you afraid?” The man asked again, interrupting him, his smile unchanging, his knowing eyes unflinching. He seemed to sense the younger’s hesitation, his unease.

“I-I mean yes, it’s… a long trip, Far… What did you mean ‘You will watcher.’?”

“That’s something you’ll find out, in due time… in due time, professor.

“What? I'm a studen-”

He was interrupted by excitement passing through the crowd and a rumbling ‘ki-chunk’ as the elevator’s platform arrived, along with an oblong vessel that barely fit on it. As the man turned to look back, the old man was gone.

The glassed man stood staring at the empty spot, his expression filled with confusion. His stupor was shattered as somebody pushed him forward and the line began to move. With a shrug, he grabbed his bags and stepped onto the waiting vessel.


Years later, a figure gazed into a scene. The massive rumbling that signaled his arrival just minutes earlier gave way to a line of thousands of people. The figure went out, stepping onto the familiar metal deck. Thing was, something was different. The figure smiled softly, the entire situation mirroring the past, except for one key detail. Instead of a young thin man wearing a loose jacket and struggling to carry his luggage onto the ship, instead of wearing flatfooted sandals, a new distinctly vulpine shape stepped.

White fur bristled in the cold wind, a tall vulpine towering over the crowd. Some glanced at him nervously, others curious at the oddity. He ignored it, walking over to the ledge to look at the city below. It was different from how he remembered it. Over the centuries, they rebuilt, clearing the rubble of destroyed temples, homes, shopping districts. Down kilometers, remnants of the scars remaned, not fully healed. Cursed land people refused to live on, created by a war nobody expected, he remembered reading. Instead of the barren black from his time before however, the scars were green combined with hues of different colors, the cursed land turned into gardens.

“Are you afraid?”

The vulpine smiled softly once hearing the voice, somehow knowing it would happen. Standing to his side was a brown vulpine, tall and youngful like he was, who wore a golden robe and the same smile from before.



Above Earth
Quick, someone explain to me what a prompt is so I can write it!
So basically a prompt is a sentence, an idea. You write a short story that follows the prompt. How close you follow it is on you, its just supposed to give a general idea. For example, the prompt of ‘everything going wrong but it’s the best thing that could’ve happen.’ You’ll take that and you might write a story about a person who missed their flight at an airport, but then they meet someone who’ll eventually become their girlfriend.


Ooooh, okie! Well, I know em' now! Thanks pal! So let me see....do I follow the prompt up above?


You got it! Lemme go over it real quick. My silence means I'm typing, meow. Well, let's get on it!


It was a simple mission, but, it seemed simple was not always the answer. Why? Because there always seemed to be a payoff for disobeying a direct order.

That is, what the feline thought for a few.

He was doing a contract, and he had been instructed to execute the juror in a timely and orderly fashion. This was supposed to be one a stealth, precision, and accuracy. He had his 50. Caliber BMG Tungsten tipped ammunition Barrett positioned under his arm, secure in the suitcase. He was at the vantage point of the distance required for the sniper's nest angle. He had sat there for a few hours, making sure the tedious tailing was nothing, and that nobody

had followed him to this discreet location. FBI sure seem to snoop around in a cat's business. At least now he had the high ground. In this sense, he wasn't joking. The building he was on was at least 1,100 feet from the ground, and judging from where he stood, he had to execute this perfectly. one missed shot, especially with the suppressor screwed on tight, could spell the end for him. At this distance, he had made sure that there could be no interference with the

commoner's eye. He caught whiff of his target leaving the hotel, and that is when he set into action. The cat quickly sprung to his feet, stretching out, then grabbed the long suitcase carrying his weapon of precise aim and lethal precision. He took the weapon out of the casing, feeling along the smooth, black surface of one of the most powerful rifles of human, and non-human, history. Quickly, yet accurately, he assembled the rifle, making sure that he had all the

intricate details lined up. he got down, flat on his belly, the put his finger in his maw, lifting it to the air as to feel the wind pressure. Since it was a warm day today, and the wind speed was under 10 MPH, he had good wind for this accurate shot. Of course, he'd have to consider all of the other technicalities. There was also the distance he had to worry about, which was well over 1100 miles from his target. Screwing the suppressor on quickly, the cat narrowed his emerald

eyes, fixated on the target in front of him. A man, daunting in feature, made sure he was known as a limo pulled up. "Great," he whispered to himself, making sure his aim was above the target's head, slightly tilted to the right. Aim directly at him, and he would miss a critical shot. He made sure his aim was on point, waiting as the man got in close enough. He stood still, the exact moment the cat had been waiting for. He took off the suppressor, in the heat of

the moment, directly going against the order of his captain who ordered silence in this, aiming, his finger on the trigger. He inhaled, a bead of sweat trickling down his face. Tensing, he took the shot. BANG! The shot echoed all around, seemingly shaking the place where he rested. People screamed in a panic as the man dropped quickly, so fast like a sack of limp potatoes. Guards quickly saw the flash, and the feline could see them talking into the receiver they had.

He knew they saw him, so he hurried and got out of there. Now to face the angry music.

"WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!? TAKING YOUR SUPPRESSOR OFF IN ONE OF THE BIGGEST CROWDS EVER?!?," his captain furiously roared, making the feline step back.

"I tried to tell you sir, it would throw off my shot."

"I don't care! You risked it all you fool! DA will be on us for weeks!"

"Not really. They didn't see my face. It looked like another assassination."

"Wait....you weren't seen?"


"Well then....I guess that does make it better....heck of a shot though...."

"1100 meters out is child's play sir. Gimme something better next time."

With that, he walked out. DA would be on them, yes, but it actually paid off. Failing that shot from a suppressor would've ended more than his career......


Diving head-fur-st into the fandom!
You wander through the woods and find an overgrown ruin that feels truly ancient and mystical. A crystal sits on a mossy pedestal, softly glowing with an inner light. What do you do?