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Main Site Proposed audio size limit expansion 10MB to 15-20MB

How much of a size limit expansion for audio files on furaffinity do you think is acceptable?

  • 10 MB is plenty. the size limit keeps the bandwidth stable as is.

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  • 15 MB is a fine compromise, not too much, and it competes with the strictest competeitor website

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  • 20 MB will give us the change to have a lot more going on.

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I'd like to propose an increase to the audio file size limit for the website. I understand this may be taxing to the resources of FA but hear me out.

Currently the file size limit of FA is restricted to 10 MB for audio files. Now this can be tolerable for music or a 7 minute file, but anything longer prevents posting or, at the very least, severe degradation.

I did a little digging and as it currently stands I see this:
Newgrounds 250 MB limit
Inkbunny: 36 MB limit
Weasyl: 15 MB limit
Furaffinity: 10 MB limit

I initially was going to propose a 20 MB upload but I understand the bandwidth of this site has only so much to work with. But even a 15 MB limit will allow podcasts and audio works with more meat behind them.

As it currently stands, If I have a lengthy podcast of about 15-20 minutes in length prepared, I have to provide a preview and a link to another furry website with larger bandwidth allotments.

I understand that proposing such a small change has large implications to the structure of the website, and resources may be more limited than someone ignorant of the day to day requirements of FA can assume. However, should you decide to expand, you'll find a much larger presence in the furry audio community that can provide more in depth furry audio dramas, podcasts, and audio I can't even conceptualize.

I hope this proposal sounds like an idea worth pursuing.