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Ps vita/ PSP

Moar Krabs

Aight boys
I recently found my old Ps vita along with the charger and fooled around with it for a bit. Have any of you guys owned a Ps vita or a PSP?

Ringo the Wolf

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I have PSP, and she is laying on my table right now in the case...


I recently got a PSP with some games at Vintage Stock.


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It's a shame the Vita never lived up to its full potential. In the end, it looks like it suffered the fate of the Sega Saturn. Released with great fanfare in the beginning, became more Japan-oriented in the end.

Firuthi Dragovic

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Have a PS Vita with one cartridge game (Persona 4 Golden) and a bunch of downloaded games. It's really not a high-priority system for me, honestly.


I used to own a PSP, but the only games I owned for it were LittleBigPlanet PSP and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep which came with it. Sucked because the only reason I got it was to play LBP since I couldn't own a PS3 at the time, and was expecting the PSP version to be the same as the PS3 version. But no, it was very different and had a lot of features missing, plus no multiplayer. I did somewhat enjoy the story mode more than the story mode from the main games for some reason. But my PSP also sucked because it would crash way too often on LBP, especially on level creator, which was my favourite part! So I kinda ended up giving up on that game and played all of the KH game before selling my PSP and the LBP game at a garage sale. Still own the KH game tho.


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Use to own a vita. Great system, especially for someone like me who uses public transportation exclusively. Hours and hours of Isaac and P1 and P2. Would love to rebuy one one day.


The PSP is great. Mine has GBA/NES/Genesis/SNES emulators on it, which allows me to relive Christmas 1991 whenever I feel like it. The simple UI makes it easy to store songs and files where you want, too.

The Vita, however? I've got one, but it's not great at all. Sure, New Game Challenge Stage, Persona 4 Golden, and other Vita exclusives exist, but the inability to simply "plug a wire into Vita and PC to move files around" is a great detractor for me. In Sony's effort to create a device with anti-piracy, they ruined a system I really wanted to enjoy.