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PS3 Exclusive: The Last Of Us


The Mercenary
So, for you PS3 gamers out there, you've problably heard About this game That is currently in progress by Naughty Dog. Which also produced the well known Uncharted series. I'm curious to see your thoughts on the game so far, and I'm not sure that there's a release date yet but if there is post it here. By the way, this game has the best graphics I have ever seen on the PS3.


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I like the non-nuclear post apocalyptic world for a change (I have a thing for abandoned, nature-overrun cities). At first glance it looks like something I can really get into (note that I've only seen the E3 gameplay footage so far). It has the same potential that Uncharted did, but unfortunately, it looks like it's gonna have the same problem Uncharted did too: guns/combat. Now this really is just my personal opinion, but is it really so much to ask for a beautiful looking survival game without shitty gunplay and fight scenes. Uncharted would've been just as great to me as a puzzle/exploration game and I think Last of Us would be too. This is the kind of game that I intentionally set on Easy so that I can take my time and enjoy the environments and story.

Uncharted was bearable and had few enough fighting segments to make it enjoyable overall (enjoyable enough to buy 2 and 3 too). Last of Us looks promising as long as it has similar trade-offs. The only thing that really worries me about it is that little girl. Escort missions are a deal-breaker (WILL NOT BUY).

Ok, so I watched another trailer, and apparently it is zombie and combat focused survival.
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The Mercenary
I see what you mean, the main character Joel has the job of protecting the girl Ellie, because it was his friends daughter and his dying wish was for Joel to keep her safe. I also don't like the escort scenario, but in this game she's not a helpless little girl. She will engage enemies if you are in trouble as well as if she is. All she knows is the apocolyptic world, it's toughened her up. My opinion on the uncharted series is that it looks great but could have had better gameplay mechanics.