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PS3 PSN Gamers


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Looking to spand My furry friend list =P i am brazilian so dont mind my poor english
PSN - Sbicker
Just say that youre from fur affinity and i will add you right away, Online every day


Unbearable...get it?

feel free to add me. I play a lot of Counter-Strike: GO, Payday: The Heist, and DC Universe Online but I also have other games. I'd be playing Black Ops and Battlefield 3 a lot but the BR Drive in my ps3 is broken so I'm stuck with games on my HDD.

I really want to find someone who will play Castle Crashers with me o -o.


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My psn is Nyokio17
Add me so we can play a whole lot of different games together, I play them all. x3
Also, I play a lot of DC Universe and want to try to find a cool furry guild. please help me!!!! ^^


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just got a ps3 and im looking for some furry friends to talk to and play games with if you want to talk or play games hit me up

PSN is robertrzjr


yes im single
im a call of duty fan man what can i say im dolphin diving and dropshoting bad kids all day its the best game ever man im keeping it real its more injoyable and more realistic than battlefield. i play ps3 most of the time. also every day im pulling all night sessions trying to work my way up always prestiging and progresing im throwing every gun im getting first time IVE BEN NOMINATED FOR KING OF XBOX LIVE i also play xbox
ID: Noctis_Emil4
Just putting this out there. Random note: I don't play war games.


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Re: The PSN ID thread.

Yo man I play mostly Cod 4 but i do have MW2 add me on psn i'll add you! PSN: Brandon_X_Fox

slydude851 :)

Pl0x say why you'd like to add me, i.e. "Hi, add me please, I saw a post you made on FAF." (taken from one guy that did do this, props to him). I'm declining random friend requests cause lots of them were new people on MW2.

I put [Fur~] as my clan tag and I still have it set, no hate mail yet lol.

Play COD4MW 1 and 2 but now mostly 2,
and lastly, GH3


Just went from 40GB to 250GB and got my old PSN back

PSN: navyfox231

when adding or PM just say were you got it and ill add you :)


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Re: The PSN ID thread.

My PSN is KartaNtheWarlorD. Feel free to add me, I'm on quite often! If we are going to play though, make sure you have a headset and mic.


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I can't seem to remember if I posted here or not, but here is my new PSN:
LEV1ATHAN01 (zero-one)

I play a variety of games, and feel free to add me.


The Mercenary
I think I posted two accounts a while back but I use my main one only. So if you like to chat or do some gaming I'm your guy! Add RedHusky97


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I don't play a lot of games since... :/ I'm broke and the next semester is going to start soon but as for now.

PSD id:TrinityWolfess