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PS3 PSN Gamers


Paws. :3c
Feel free to add me my ID is in my sig, but I won't be able to accept it because my PS3 died. :<
I'll probably end up buying another playstation console anyway. :0
ChronicMASSACRE. Add meh if you love playing on that battlefield (BF3) I play a little CoD as well... But that gets boring when your good at it. Ohh and ill be all over GTA V when its released

Ohh and sorry but only add me if your in aus othrwise there is too much lag :(
But if you do add me include "furaffanity" and your username in the message so I know what s gong on.


Werewolf ready to rock on~
ID: Slayernice

Playing Persona 4 Arena when I get online to practice before the new one come out, feel free to add me if you have it


Lassy Fenn
PSN ID is: MissSprite

Tho I mainly game in my evenings/afternoons when kids do go to day care on monday and tueseday


New Member
PSN ID: robot851

I've lately been (attempting) to play Battlefield 4. Also just looking for friends... feel free to add. :3

Alitis Lupus

New Member
Re: The PSN ID thread.

mine is Garnet_Wolf00, just mention FAF in the message. mainly battlefield 3 and 4 along with motorstorm apocalypse.


David Clarkson ✘👎
PSN is toracub, don't really have a regular time of play these days. Not likely to be playing a multiplayer game anyway, so not sure why I posted. The only ones are Dark Souls, NHL 14, Mass Effect 3.


Bringin' sexy back~
Not going to reveal mine here since I share it. However, if you want to play Mod Nation Racers or Castlevania HD with someone, PM me and I'll let you know my username.


Wolfy Dude
Oooh well mine is "AJ3035" I don't get on to much, mostly doing pc gaming on steam now.


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Syrus-Vice is my Psn, I play Battlefield 4 mostly but I do have a few of the older CoDs, Borderlands 2, Dust 514, and MineCraft
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Kita Fox

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Mine is Kitpaws :3 Add me!

Have CoD Ghosts, and Need For Speed Rivals that I play online.
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Signed up just so I could post here. I could use a few friends on PSN to play with. My PSN ID is "bootl0aders".

Mostly playing Battlefield 4 right now but also have NFS rivals, AC:BF and COD Ghosts. Also I only have a PS4, not a PS3 but this thread seemed the best to post in