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PS3 PSN Gamers


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I'm battlechili

Feel free to add me.
Just don't expect me to play very often online. (internet at home sucks, internet at school semi blocked)


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Just upgraded to Ps4, my psn is stil Syrus-Vice. I mostly play Battlefield 4 but I also have Killzone, Blacklight, Warframe, and Ghosts
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Add me, I mostly play COD etc. :3
My psn is in my sig.


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furrygamer1975 is my PSN! Add me if you like! (I won't bite!)


PSN is: youdontknow123, feel free to add me! Online games I have aaaare... The Last of Us, Sonic Racing Transformed, One Piece Pirate Warriors, FFXIV A Realm Reborn and Mass Effect 3! (Also I have all the Ratchet games, some of which have online XD)


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Heyo~ My PSN is Fluffy-Fawkes
I've been looking to find some furs to play around with on GTA V with, even though it's a friend's copy. Also I can only talk on mic by Skype call, so feel free to add me there^^


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I need friends on the PSN: KaiserLonewolf3. Currently I only have the PS4.
I mostly play Warframe, but I also have Killzone, BF4, Black Flag, and all other free games including the ps+ ones


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Mine is JamesC1986. If you want to add me send me a message on PSN who you are so I can look you up on FA.
I have two! My main is my namesake (Glacien_Drayzeck) and the other is The_Hyper_Weasel, which I use for lesser teams and will eventually be using for my YouTube channel. I play mostly fighting games, namely Street Fighter 4 AE and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Send me a message letting me know you wanna add me, I'll look up your FA and I'll send the request(s). Please don't take it personally if I don't want to add you.
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I primarily play RPGs or sandbox games on my PS3 and Vita (soon to have a PS4 join the mix) but I do have other games in my mix from being a PSN Plus member. :> Right now, I'm working on voice over / voice acting on voiceactingalliance and behindthevoiceactors but I still play on my consoles when I have spare time.

If you add me, please keep in mind a few little things.Also, I'm sorry if this long message turns people away, but I want to know who will actually take the time to get to know me unlike those who only add me for Toro's Friend Network or something...

1) Yes I am a female gamer but I'm HIGHLY introverted.
Short and sweet, I HATE when someone messages me with only "Hi" or even spams me with messages like that which have almost no meaning behind them. Please message me something that shows me that you want to talk to me so that I can also get to know you such as introducing yourself in the friend request. Ex. "Hey I'm _____. I found you on the FA forums. I wanted to know if you wanted to play a game of ___ later on."

2) PLEASE OH PLEASE don't spam me with messages every 3-6 hours of "hey" "sup" "you on?" It kinda creeps me out and makes me want to hide forever. >o<

I want to know you and hopefully we can find something in common besides our love of the furry community. :>

PSN: twistedfayt18


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Hi,my psn is L0N3_W0LF9399. I play mostly fps games like CoD or BF4. I like playing and talking with others so hit me up.


PSN: DylanTM40

I play a good bit of BF3 and from time to time Dead Rising 2. I have BF4 but I really don't play it much since none of my friends really have the game but if any yall would be interested in playing hit me up. I'm might even be up to going picking up another game depending on what it is.