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PS3 PSN Gamers


I mostly play Borderlands (1+2), Rayman Legends and War for/Fall of Cybertron.
FYI: My Borderlands co-op sessions are by invite only. I'll also willing lend you a hand if you're stuck and dole out any weapon/shield/relic upgrades. (Assuming I have them and haven't sold them for more money. >.> )
I also powerlevel my friends (lvl 54 Mechromancer ain't much for the amount of time the game's been out, but for newbies and fresh characters, it's good enough).
I also don't have a mic. :C


My PSN ID is Phoenix705
I mostly play:
Call of duty: Black ops 2
Call of duty: Ghosts
Tekken: Tag tournament 2
and God of war: Ascension


here comes the nerd herd

I mostly play CoD games, some naruto games and other random open world games...


I have a PS4, not a PS3, but the PSN thing applies to all the Play Station consoles, right?

My PSN ID is: Black_Electric


Sieg Zeon!
I'm qmto, friend me if you want, but all I play is Gran Turismo or Japanese gundam games.


Red Fox Furry
Hiya! I'm looking for other furry gamers on PSN so feel free to add me! My PSN name is Hartseeker, just as it is on here. I mainly play Mass Effect 3, Dragon's Crown, Dark Souls and Sonic Racing Transformed, but I've got quite a few other games as well!


BlueFirezHD is me <- somehow rhymes

I don't mind adding anyone here, but I get on at 9 pm -12 am Eastern Time from Mon - Wends.

I'll play:
-NFS Rivals
-Killzone 1-3
-Any Call of Duty Except Advanced Warfare and Ghosts
- Mortal Kombat
(or you can look at my trophies)

I know, very specific credentials lol
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twlightwarwolf is my main account name (not a twilight reference). The other is Milleneum_Tnvolk.

Feel free to add me though i really don't have a great deal of multiplayer games. Mostly I'm on Dark Souls (1 and 2), Demon souls and skyrim. But i do play Minecraft and the cod games with zombies. Oh and one other thing if you add me tell me your from here. It just lets me know who wants to add me so i'm not thinking its just a random person from god knows where. I may take some time to open up but thats just because I'm introverted and don't talk a great deal in general. Once i get to know a person i'm more talkative though.
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Have quite a few games but do more pc gaming then PS3 gaming but has been addicted to Dragon Age 3 and would love to find some furs who does assorted ps3 games, especialy said DA3. <.< I NEED some furs to save me from gods awful incompetent PUG heros who think they can solo perilous at level 12 and runs away from the group and yells into their mic when they die.


Generic Gay fur
Re: The PSN ID thread.

Mine's Wrought_Havoc. Feel free to add me on PSN ^.^

BF3 and 2
AC: Black Flag
*Update*16.4.15: Payday 2, Dead Space 3
**Update** 04.6.15: GTA IV, Borderlands 2, Minecraft: PS3 Edition, NFS: Rivals
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My PSN is Toasty-senpai. I play on PS3 and also have a mic.
I mostly play Black Ops 2 but I also have Grand Theft Auto V, Battlefield 4 and Minecraft.
If you add me, please say within the message that you are from the FurAffinity forums. ^^
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Opening file: Redemption.exe/
BO2 mostly


If you want to add me, feel free, i mostly play Dark souls and All stars Battle royal, but really mostly dark souls
My PSN is: Furry_ VlkCZ


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My PSN is the same as my username. o3o

Oops forgot that I already posted in here. X3
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