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PS3 PSN Gamers


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Mainly play Destiny, Borderlands 2, CoD Advanced Warfare.Guys and girls welcome to add and play any of those with me.
Also play Dead space 3 and various other co op/competetive Mp games.


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Hey all,

PSN: Amaterasu338

Just let me know that you're from the FA Forums :)

Games I play: Battlefield 3/4, SoulCalibur 4/5(i suck though :p) and I'm one of the 10% of people who plays GTA V and isn't a complete jerk.
my PSN is lycansnowleopard, only game I still have time to play occasionally is dragon age (mainly DAI right now) but feel free to add me :) a nice group to play online some time would be awesome as there aren't as much players on ps3 for DAI online


oh.. uhmm.. hi there :3
Re: The PSN ID thread.

If anyone is looking for someone to play battlefield 4, GTA V, Destiny, or MC on the ps3 feel free to add me with a message(message because I might ignore it if I don't know who you are >~<) I'm a really skilled and fun person to play with, don't have PS4 yet because my gaming budget isn't as high as my other prioritues
PSN ID: MyChemicalPichu