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I noticed that the sticky that was meant to do this leads to a dead link, and have yet to find another list or anything like that, so I thought I would start it again my self. But was thinking we could also add the game types we enjoy playing the most, games we want in the near future, our temperaments and play styles in an attempt to match up players that have a more like mindset and will be able to get along better. If the template that will be posted below is popular then I will, or at least encourage others to use it for the other systems.

Online name:
Responds to:
Time Zone:
Preferred game genres:
Play style:
Games owned:
Plan to own games:
Other information:
A little about your self:

Feed back on type of information to add would be awesome too, but I think right here is a good bases to get to know a player, hopefully to give a window into who the person is. The kind where being honest about your flaws too when it comes to temperament can be helpful as well, I say this because I know that in the middle of a match we say stuff we wouldn't normally say to people, and we can say things that we regret as well. Anyways I will get this started with my own 'stats' for everyone.

System: PS4
Online name: TsukiWulf (If you add me, please say where you got the user name from, thanks!)
Responds to: Axel, Grimwulf, Wulf, Tsuki Wulf.
Time Zone: PST, EST come 2017.
Preferred game genres: Shooters, hack and slash games, RPG.
Play style: Support, Medic, Sharp Shooter.
Temperament: Team player, aggressive towards opponents, playful/aggressive trash talk about opponents, commonly drops f-bombs (attempts to mute mic before hand.) Can sometimes drop the derogatory f word in games as well when killed via a cheap move, again attempts to mute mic before saying such a word.
Games owned: Battlefield Hardline, The Division, Diablo 3, Overwatch and many other single player games.
Plan to own games: Battlefield 1, For Honor.
Other information: I sometimes take long breaks from a game, but am pretty willing to come back when on a break for working with a team.
A little about your self: I'm ex military, was a sailor and I can curse like a sailor, I understand not everyone wants to hear that so I try to mute my self, but it still slips through a good deal of the time. I'm straight, so if I play games with a gay couple, I just ask that you keep the grab assing between one another to a acceptable PDA level. As of writing this I am 28 and attending college for a bachelors in computer science. My play times are ill-regular, but mostly at night and into the morning. (Huzzah insomnia!)
I'm not PC but I don't want to intentionally make people feel uncomfortable, hence the warning.
So if you think you would like to game with me after exposing my ugly half, please drop me a line and if you add me just say that you got my user name from here.
Also I instantly block people that spam me, just automatic reaction.

But that in essence is the idea, when we see the ugly side of a player it can help us know if we want to game with them, as I know I have met people that my dropping of a certain word can be a gaming deal breaker and I understand that, hence the in advance warning and the idea of sharing our darker sides because it sucks gaming with someone that is awesome except for that one thing thats just a bit too much.

Feed back is always appreciated as well, if its negative I just ask that it be constructive. Negative just to be negative is ignored.