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Public Furry or Private Furry (in RL)?

In the real world, is your furiness a public or private trait?

  • I make sure my furriness is public for all to see!

    Votes: 23 3.8%
  • My furriness is public, but I don't bring any particular attention to it.

    Votes: 116 19.1%
  • I'm kind of neutral... If people figure it out, fine, but I'm not going to make a big deal about it.

    Votes: 244 40.2%
  • I'm a rather private furry in RL.

    Votes: 126 20.8%
  • I'm a very private furry in RL. No indications of furriness whatsoever!

    Votes: 98 16.1%

  • Total voters
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Cecret Blown Susiness.
More or less, they have found out.

A few of my mates found out snooping around my computer... and found the few gigs of yiff or clean art lying around.

Thing is, there aren't many furries (that I know of) that live around near me...


Chronicler of the Ages
I'm private. If one of my friends walks up to me and asks, "Hey, are you actually a furry?", (it happens, since they've seen my art), I'm quick to say "Hellz no." XD But if another furry that I meet IRL figures it out (already happened three times; is there such a thing as furry radar?), I'm fine with it. *shrugs.*

not so much a furry radar, but the really keen furry can pick out a fellow furry due to body language, speech habits, and social interactions.

Or just the fact some of us walk like predatory animals. :p


rabbit in a hat
Im very public about being a furry. :3
I have sewn ears onto half my clothes, I have a collection of bunny ears I made, and Im even working on a fursuit.
People get the idea Im a furry right away.


I'm kind of a semi-private furry; if people find out, oh well! However, I try to keep it to myself and maybe others that are like me.


jamais assez de canards
I'm quite neutral I think...
I mean, if people come over and see all the stuff lying around and are able to figure out the simple math: 'Loads of anthro drawings' + 'Me referring to myself as a fox' = 'Me being Furry' then I'm busted and I couldn't care less... (I'm sure three of my friends would know it if they knew about the term, furries are that common around here =P ) But I don't randomly bring it up in conversation or anything =P

zomg en till


New Member
(I`m a rather private furry in RL.) well I don`t consider My self a furry sence I don`t have a fursuit, I like the art and sometimes I draw anthro, the only way someone figures is if they check my notebook and PC

Pacific Island

Sexy Devil
I am neutral, but I give out strong hints that I am. People see me drawing furries during class all the time. But then again if they ask me why I draw only animal people, I simply switch to anime or concept art of some scenery.

Versatility ftw

Adelio Altomar

Rat-Sized Superiority Complex
Somewhere between the third and the fourth one. Sometimes I'll mention it in subtle ways but I won't be so direct with it.


Herr Doctor
Im definitly very private about my interest in furry. Especialy since I just got into it about 6 monthes ago.


I make bills for your thrills
I dont qualify since I aint fur. But please, get out of the closet. Stand up to fur hating fuckers!


Restless and lonely Dragon
It wouldn't be good for me, when everybody in my enivronment would know i'm a furry...
REALLY not good...

So i just hide it from the most ^^


If my friends find out, I'll say yes like its not a big deal or anything.

But I doubt they will since I don't draw during class and I'm not in an art class either.

If I do though, it won't matter because I go to a frickin awesome school (its public but it attracts lots of smart people... therefore its liberal :p) I doubt anyone would make fun of me for it.
My friends know I'm a furry and don't care at all, once I felt confertable with my furry side I could show it when ever I want and it hasn't made anyone I know think different of me.


Well, it's like I don't parade around going on about me train spotting habits. Still let people now I'm into It if they want to know.
My brother is always making daft squirrel jokes, and no-one else even mentions it. It's like, who cares?


tyranid hunter
if someone finds out idc, infact it would make explaning it to my family alot easyer. on the other hand if anyone in my school found out,no one would leave me alown and i already have 2 teachers that hate. So im trying to cover my tail and only leave hints here and there, for now.


hm, I'm sorta secretive about it, the closest things that would give anyone any clue would be if they payed close attention to my doodles iv'e been doing in school and if they now what a furry is.


I'm not a fur, so none of those options apply to me...I'm just here because I know people on here...

Midi Bear

Quite private for me here. I would have chosen completely private, but I wear a collar in public with my fursona's name on the tag.. only if I'm with friends who know I'm a furry/are furries (yeah, two of my irl friends are furs. It's fairly awesome). When I'm on the computer at home, however, I always make sure to clear my history when I'm done with the computer, despite the fact that I'm the only one who uses it. My user area is password protected, there's a guest account for anybody who really needs to use the computer aswell. Oh, and whenever I leave the room, I always... ALWAYS lock the computer and turn the screen off. Plus my door is locked when I'm in here, along with a door stop to make sure nobody can barge on in. And if anybody comes in, the computer is locked.

Even if I don't have anything furry on the screen. I'm extreme when it comes to computer privacy. Nobody uses my user area because I have some yiff art in it.. and if I go to the bathroom and they stumble upon it.. well.. yeah. So basically I'll only make it apparent that I'm a furry if I'm with other furries in person..
I'm neutral I guess. I mean I would be alright if anyone found out, but I really would like to keep it private for now.
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