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Public Furry or Private Furry (in RL)?

In the real world, is your furiness a public or private trait?

  • I make sure my furriness is public for all to see!

    Votes: 23 3.8%
  • My furriness is public, but I don't bring any particular attention to it.

    Votes: 116 19.1%
  • I'm kind of neutral... If people figure it out, fine, but I'm not going to make a big deal about it.

    Votes: 244 40.2%
  • I'm a rather private furry in RL.

    Votes: 126 20.8%
  • I'm a very private furry in RL. No indications of furriness whatsoever!

    Votes: 98 16.1%

  • Total voters
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Being a furry is the only thing private about me. Everything else would be considered relatively normal.


True self: Fox to the core.
I'm rather private here. My family doesn't know I'm a furry and I prefer to keep it that way. They are too close-minded about such things and pass judgments, form rumors, and draw their own conclusions without ever asking any questions to base such opinions from. They're the same way about my naturism (nudism). It's a perfectly wonderful lifestyle and there is nothing wrong with it, but they don't have the maturity to learn about it, let alone accept it.

With coworkers I keep my furry side private, but if somebody was to ask or figure it out I wouldn't deny it. I'd like to answer their questions and talk about it if they want. (That's at one job; at my second job I wear fur convention T-shirts but nobody has ever asked.).

With the rest of the world I don't really care if they know or not. Outwardly I have a pawprint decal on my car's back window and I wear furry convention T-shirts out in public. Ironically, nobody has ever once asked me what they are.



Lurking in Castle Moats
I have no reason to keep being a furrie secret. I do not engage in anything that is to be ashamed of. Now that is not to say I shove "I'm a furrie" in people's faces all the time because I don't. Usually the only time people find out is when they talk about hobbies, ask about mine, I tell them I make Animal Costumes, and they get curious. 9 times out of 10 though they find it fascinating.

But...I do wear a collar when I go out. I also now own a hat from paw star with black ears on it. Black, to make it more subtle. It matches everything I own. Now sure I get a few strange looks here and there but I dress to please myself and no one else. Besides when it gets cold out that hat is damn comfy, and even the collar seems to somewhat help insulate my neck especially combined with the scarf I usually wear with it.

That doesn't change the amount of positive looks/remarks I get from people.

Especially "OMG! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT HAT I MUST HAVE ONE NOW!" Lawl, someone drove up to the van I was getting into, just to hop out and scream "Where did you get that hat?" and they proceeded to write down the name of the website.

In any case when it comes to being a furrie while a few things I do wear hint at it, I pull it together so it works well. Beyond that though I do feel that the conversation and talk of being furrie has a time and a place. So only bring it up when really appropriate. You know though, with one place wanting us to volunteer in costume during special events and another thinking about asking us to come preform with them, I'd have to say being a furrie and a costumer has it's merits.


Call me Andy
I just be myself. Online I flaunt it, everyone who knows me knows I'm a furry. Offline I don't care if anyone knows or not. If they ask, I say yes. End of story.


Cuddly Kitty Cat
Well, I am certainly not private about being a furry IRL. I'm wearing a furry con shirt to work this moment~ have a furry paw bumper sticker on my car~ and when I get my fursuit, plan on wearing it to work next halloween :) However, it's not something that comes up in daily conversation. If someone asks me about it I will answer their questions, but I never bring it up voluntarily and don't draw any more attention to myself than need be. All my friends and family know of my being a furry, and when meeting new friends telling them of my hobbies is an important aspect of them getting to know me. I don't keep secrets like that.


Fundamentalist Heretic
I'm largely private about being a fur, but I'm hoping having a close furry friend will help make it more palatable to my friends & workplace when I do finally come out to them.
Neutral I guess.

I really don't care if anyone knows or not. It's not like it's some big secret that's totally "hush-hush". If someone asks why I'm always drawing wolves or animal people I simply say " 'Cause I feel like it" which is perfectly true.

I don't wear my tail around much though but that's less to do with furriness and more to do with annoying chavs yelling at anyone who's not a chav. -.-
I get enough weird looks on my own and enough jeers for wearing gothic stuff to bother making it worse. D<

Tails Fox

Twin Tailed Rocker
Very private here. I'm extremely shy about it, and the only person I've told is one of my school friends. A lot of people would probably find me weird if they knew I was a furry


German Fox
If i "Came out" as a Furry fan/Fur, i would be crucified by some of my social circles and congratulated by others, so i just opt to keep it online... would love to sneak to some convention some day but i would wig out if i was there alone w/o anyone else i didnt know in person.


The nonsensical drama furry.
if any1 here knew me in reality, you'd figured I would hate furries if i ever met one. My personality is very misleading (my poor friends lol)


I am extremely private. I have friends who go to /b/.

Lol, that must suck... Imagine one day getting a torrent of spam from ignorent /b/tards because your friend thought it would be funny to post your info -.-..

Anyways I'm about as open with it as I am about my sexuality, which is pretty open. I was recently at a boxing day party in furry makeup (GREAT conversation starter) and not too many people were really weirded out. It's not like I walk down the street in a fursuit, but yeah... all my friends know.


The nocturnal gaming furry
I say im a furry online but in the general population, i know ridicule and slander will be brought to me and if not that then the people who consider you as "brothers"

Not only that but im too cheap to own a fursuit and untalented to draw so my secret is safe unless someone looks at my clean or dirty picture archives.


I had my info posted in /b/ once but it wasn't thattt bad..

Most /b/tards are like 12 year olds. I got a couple calls going "haha furfag u lost the game!!11 omg mudkipz lol"


I'm neutral. If people figure it out, good for them. I don't go around advertising it, but also I couldn't care less what the general public think of me as they don't know me and most likely will never see me more than once or twice on the street or in a bar, ever. My family I don't tell many things to so meh. I have told a couple of my closer, more open, friends and had no issues though.


Media Slave
i told my good friend and bandmate that i was a furry. this was his reply:

"You're a furry? ...GET the fuck outta my house! Just kidding, dude, its cool, different strokes for different folks."


Wandering Ronin
I prefer to keep it to myself cause I honestly don't care. On top of that, I don't much of an identity yet when it comes to furriness.


*has no FA skills*
I keep it very secret, but not as secret as I could, because there's still a little part of me that wants to have everyone figure it out, though there's a larger part that would rather that not happen. It's a give-and-take relationship with myself.
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