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Public Fursuiting in New York


Much like the case of Hawaii, there's a law against wearing masks in public in New York, and despite that, there has been fursuiters who have worn their fursuits in public there flying around on social media sites, such as Twitter, with seemingly little to no repercussions, even in groups of two or more. I also remember seeing a tweet on Twitter of a fursuiter posing in a pic with some of the NYPD officers and another one of fursuiters taking pics at the Brooklyn Bridge. I'd like to know what's the truth behind it. If it's illegal, then why are public fursuiters there getting away with the law?

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
If you read the law, it was repealed in April 2020 by Gov. Cuomo. So far I have vound to evidence that it was reinstated.