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Request: Punk Wolf Girl

Blue Moon the Folf

Tsukuyomi Yuichi
Hey all! I have a request for everyone; I'm looking for a punk wolf girl, I also have her description.

A tall, cream colored female wolf with dark brown spots on her outer thighs, a cream underbelly with dark brown fur on her sides. Her face looks more mature than her actual age would suggest, and also has some spots on it. She has a fierce gaze, coupled with rather sriking ruby colored eyes. She is of a fit body type, with curvy hips and a large breast size. Her dark brown, almost black hair is kept long, and half shaven on the left side, her bangs covering one of her eyes. She usually wears low denim short shorts that bare the straps of her panties, as well as a t-shirt that's cut to look like a crop top, and bares some of her cleavage.