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puppy names^_^


Honest, i'm not mad
Serial Killers and fantasy characters is my preference. I curently have a Snake named after a furry character from an artist I really like.


I am a Tibbilope!
I would pick Seba.
My main is actually a German Shepherd fursona <3


Im not sure what names to throw out for you, since Im not sure of her personality.

Thats usually a big factor in naming a dog. But I do like the name Kenya, but then again I named a cat after a redwood tree (Sequoia) and one after a fruit (Kiwi)


A ghost passing through
The name of one of my cats? Radar.
It seems like a normal name now 12 years later.

How about Booker for a name?

Roose Hurro

Lovable Curmudgeon
My mother had a very bright German Shepard named "Sheeba"...


hey thanks for all the help you guys! :) my mom and i got her and i thought of naming her tess but my mom said we should name her tesla after my brothers favorite historical person, so her name is tessla mixing the famous dude and my name together. thanks again for all the names however ^_^