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(Commission) Selling: PWYW and Set price comms!


Hi hello! :D
I’m cinsyrly and this is my art: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/cinsyrly/

From today until my birthday, October 8th, I am offering “pay what you want” commissions! For $5+, I will draw your character in colour. I will choose the colouring style myself (no shading; simple shadows; or painting), and the line art may be less neat depending on the colouring style. You can ask for a specific pose or emotion.

I also have commissions with set prices open indefinitely; the price list for these is below:

I will draw: furries, humans, ponies or feral. Ask about ship, nudity or NSFW
(I will refuse if I feel I can’t do your character or idea justice!)
Payment: PayPal (after sketch)
Contact me: my Telegram is @cinsyrly, PM me on here if you need an alternative

Thank you for your attention! ^_^