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(Commission) Selling: ($5+) PWYW sketchpages starting at 9 USD


I love sketching characters so I'm offering these! USD through paypal only

PWYW starting at 9 USD, of course the more you pay the more number of sketches or more colored pieces you can get

For the minimum, 9 USD, I will do a page of 3 sketches consisting of at least one fullbody and either 2 busts or a bust + a halfbody, no color
I will do nudity but only for things that would fall under mature filter. I won't do full NSFW. You can ask for sketchpages of more than one character interacting, it will be double the price.

You can totally contact me asking for a rough estimate on more pieces or colored ones
For your reference: the bear, rabbit and red hyena are roughly colored (cheaper), while the top deer colored piece and the pink haired canine are cleaner colored (more expensive)