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Quads/Animals (Any Species)


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: I do not fully refund. Keep in mind if I start something for you and you change your mind, I am to be paid for what I have finished, even if it is just a sketch–minimum being half price. Upon completion of the image, I am to be paid in full. USD only. I will send a PayPal invoice that allows for the commission to be paid in halves after the sketch.
: I do show WIPs at the sketch and line art stages; this is where you ask for adjustments. I will not change line art things after they’ve been colored. I will change colors at this point, however.
: Backgrounds will always be transparent by default.
: I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason.
: Reference image is not required; I will work from very detailed descriptions; if possible, both images and descriptions would be great.

: Any species.
: Blood and gore.

: Heavy robotics/machinery (aka “mech”).
: Backgrounds.
: Anthro (do not fit in the box well enough)
: Porn.

400x400 images only.
$30 base price.
+$5 for items such as wings, clothes, simple props, complicated markings, etc.
+$10 for very complex designs, multiple sets of wings, complex props, etc.

(I am bad at coding and don't know how to link to full size, sorry, I just wanted them to fit)

(They will all be this size)