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Quakecon 2010.

neelix zidphinlan

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Any one going to quakecon 2010? Just wondering. It's not a furcon but is the best gaming con EVER!!!! 4 days of fun love and rockets! Oh and btw quakecon is 100% FREE!!!! It's in North Texas (Dallas) just go to quakecon.org to get more info it's also a LAN party (every one bring a PC and plays games!) and about 3,000 ppl go every year. So, I was just wondering.

P.S if you looked at this In other sections of faf I didn't know how to move it so I just started a new one. Sry.

Any who..... Going to sleep now XD as it's 1:00am and I gotta get up at 7:00am.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzz