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(Commission) Selling: QUALITY ART SALE 15 USD half body (were 28 USD)


~ Character artist // Comissions are open!

Hey guys! I could really use some money right now, I have giant hospital bills to pay and I don't want it to go on my credit. I'm a full time student and it's been really difficult finding a job in my area.

I'd taking any amount of commissions right now, but if it gets too much i can open slots. im very open to drawin lots of things, im only cutting out mechs, robots, and weapons since they take more time and i'd be slaving myself..... but besides that, anything goes for these half bodies, which are waist up. you want a spider girl with her tatas out? fine with me.

id appreciate any offers. thank you ;u;

☆ I take payment through Paypal, if you’re interested in commissioning me, please contact me here, twitter (@Rveisure), or deviantart.
☆ I will ONLY draw after the payment is given.
☆ If you feel as though you have something in mind that is not listed, or that you feel is negotiable, please message me. I am always willing to discuss prices & concepts affiliated with the art.
☆ By purchasing a commission from me, you are agreeing that I can use the piece in future examples & advertisements. It’s my creation too!

☆ If you note/message me and I don't respond in 24 hours, try twitter or other sites. I promise you I will be taking most if not all commission offers. I really need the money. I will most likely respond immediately.