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Traditional Artist, Architect

Media I work with regarding fine art commissions:

Soft Pastel
Oil Pastel
Colour Pencil
Sanguine, sepia

What do I draw art on:

Watercolour paper
Canson paper sheets 120g/m2
Metallic paper
Marble paper

Sizes of paper I work with:

ACEO size, A5 - A2 (please ask if you want a bigger size commission, or one that is not standard size)

Shipping worldwide:

Yes. See info below.

Information regarding architectural design commissions:

Concept sketches
Land development
Building plans & sections
Building / architectural details
3D & traditional renders
Street furniture
Landscape architecture

Please ask for more info.


The spoiler contains old, outdated commission information

I'm a self-taught traditional artists willing to do commissioned art, since I need money for a new PC for university work.
Recently I have three weeks of free time since I've passed all my finals.

My commission prices are discussable and depend on how detailed the final drawing will be. Therefore its price can vary between the given frames. I will always estimate how much money will a specific drawing cost if asked.

I offer shipping artwork to various countries in envelopes. However I take no responsibility if the drawing gets lost during the shipping process.
If you want me to ship the commission to you just tell me about it, and I'll ask for your address via note somewhere after finishing the artwork.

If you request me to draw something referenced from a photography (example: www.furaffinity.net: Owl by LadyFromEast ) and it has other dimensions than a scaled A4 photography, I'll do the drawing as big as possible within the A4 paper sheet.

I accept paypal and bank transfers.
Please include the paypal fee/bank transfer fee when paying.
I require payment after finishing the sketch (you can always ask me to show you the artwork during the drawing process)

I do not draw porn, extreme gore or hate art. When it comes to fanart - it depends, however I'm usually not comfortable with drawing it.
Please do not ask me to draw something in a specific artist's style. If you want something like that just commision the original artist, not me.


A4 pencil drawing referenced from a photography - 25-50USD | 20-38EUR

A4 pencil drawing with no reference - 35-55USD | 27-42EUR

A4 colour pencil drawing referenced from a photography - 30-55USD | 23-42EUR
no examples at the moment

A4 colour pencil drawing with no reference - 40-60USD | 31-46EUR

bookmark 6x21cm - 10-15USD | 8-12EUR

painting on 13x18cm canvas panel - 10-20USD | 8-15EUR

ACEO - 5-7USD | 4-5,50EUR

media I work with:

Acrylic paint
Soft Pastel
Oil Pastel
Colour Pencil
Sanguine, sepia
Canson paper sheets
Cotton canvases
Fabric Sheet
Metallic paper
Marble paper

How to contact me:

Send me a note on DeviantART (ladyfromeast.deviantart.com)
Send me a note on Furaffinity (furaffinity.net/user/ladyfromeast/)
e-mail me at iwona.j.milewska@gmail.com - best option

There are 5 slots open. If people order a commission they close. After I finish the artwork they open again. Just ask me via note or e-mail if they are open at a specific moment.
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Traditional Artist, Architect
The spoiler contains old, outdated commission information

Updating my post with a new proposition for you. Bookmarks.
Each bookmark is 6x20 cm printed with a laser printer on 160g/m3 satine paper. There's an image seen below on one side, and a link to my deviantart on another.
The colourful ones are: 5zł / 2 euro / 3$
The black ones are: 3zł / 1 euro / 2$

The colourful ones:
- 27 available
- 13 available

The printed versions have no watermark on them

the black ones:

- 11 available
- 11 available

I accept bank transfers and paypal.
Shipping worldwide.
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Traditional Artist, Architect
Commissions are open

Updating the thread with newest commission offer and info:



All prices are set in us dollars (usd) if not stated otherwise

Referenced art - term used in describing artwork that is supposed to be drawn exactly like shown on the prodived reference but for slight alterations (sligh expresion changes, different attire, different background) - e.g. portraits from existing photographs, redraws of certain art pieces from hsitory of art etc.

Unreferenced art - term used in describing artwork that is not supposed to look exactly like at the reference provided (referencing only poses, faces, gestures, fur patterns etc) or drawn with no reference whatsoever (art drawn from character references is still considered unreferenced for reasons stated above)

--shipping fees:--

*a4 and smaller - 5usd

*a3 and bigger - 7usd+

*shipping in a bubble wrap envelope and protector sheet via registered mail if not asked otherwise

--payment options:--

*bank transfers (polish customers only)

*cash (if we meet in person)

*paypal (for non-polish customers)

--will draw:--

Portraits, landscapes, abstract art, architecture, character sheets, mild, tasteful gore, acts, pin-ups, tasteful adult art, character concepts, very detailed scenes, art cycles, diptychs, triptychs etc, custom badges, aceos, stamps, tribals, tattoo concepts, logos, still life, redraws of famous paintings or other artwork. Ask for more info.

--will not draw:--

Untasteful sex scenes, repulsive fetishes, complicated, crowded scenes, porn, artwork that mjght harm one’s political views or views, beliefs of other sort, corpses referenced from real life corpse photographs (does not include taxidermy, plastination or skeletons), people who are extremely crippled or maimed (discuss via pm), very complicated mechanisms, devices or robots (discuss via pm).


100% after the artwork is done (sketches, aceos, cheaper artwork)

10% before artwork is started, 40% after sketch is done, the rest when artwork is fully done (for other sort of art) - unless we deal otherwise


*you may post your commission in your own art galleries, art tumblr etc, provided you credit me properly.

*i reserve the right to publish the commission on any art site or portfolio of mine.

*you are not allowed to remove my signatures or reference art signatures from the artwork you receive from me.

*you are not allowed to make financial profit of the artwork commissioned from me - if you are willing to use it as a cover, or a book illustration, a header for your website etc you need to sign an agreement with me and discuss the ways you will be and will not be allowed to use the commission. This does not concern artwork placed on your website for display purposes only.

*you may resell the artwork you commissioned from me, for a lesser price than it was bought from me. In that case i reserve the preemtpion right.


Deviantart - ladyfromeast - via pm- write “commission” in title

Furaffinity - lafyfromeast - via pm- write “commission” in title

Website - milewska.weebly.com - via mail- write “commission” in title

Email - iwona.j.milewska@gmail.com - write “commission” in title

Cellphone - ask for phone via pm or mail


*if the comissioner paid for the artwork and it has not been started yet, he receives a full refund. Same applies to a situation when the commision is damaged heavily and the artist is at fault.

*if the commissioner paid for the artwork and it has already been started he is obliged to pay for the amount of work already put into the art, and the rest of money will be refunded to the commissioner.

*the artist does not take any responsibility for damage done to the commission during the shipping process, framing or improper handling done after sending it to the commissioner.


*any alterations requested by the commissioner during the sketching process are done for free.

*alterations done past that phase, and especially during colouring or detailed shading may affect the look of the final artwork and will require additional payment, depending on the size and complexity of required changes.

--declining a commission, resigning from a commission:--

*i reserve the right to decline a commission request for personal or any other reasons.

*if the commissioner ceases to contact me without providing any reason or giving me any notice before any payment is done i consider the order cancelled.

*if the commissioner resigns from the commission and no work was started on the said commission, the order is cancelled without any consequences.

*if the commissioner resigns from the commission and the commission has already been started he is obliged to pay for the amount of work already put into the artwork. He may or may not receive the unfinished artwork, depending on his wish.

additional info

Please be aware that traditional artwork takes time to create. I may work on a commission from you even for several months or more. Please bear that in your mind while ordering a commission from me. The bigger the size and the more the detail or the more the characters the more time your commission wil take me to create, start to finish.

Art done cheap and fast won’t be of good quality.

Cheap art of good quality will not be done fast.

Art of good quality done fast will not be cheap.

I also offer architectural design commissions.

More art and examples:

in my deviantart gallery: LadyFromEast on DeviantArt
in my furaffinity gallery: Userpage of ladyfromeast -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
on my website: milewska.weebly.com: Iwona J. Milewska Art & Design