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So it's been almost a year since i officially started drawing on FA. But everything since this day i've made has been free. I've given some thought to it and now really want to do some actual paid commissions.

But i have one slight problem...I don't have a credit-card or a PayPal account. And i don't think starting a Patreon is anything for me. Are there other options?
In the country where i live (The Netherlands) we have Ideal for payments online when shopping and we can simply send money from bank account to bank account via our bank account number. Is this the same in any other country or are the rules for this different?
So for example if someone has to pay me for a commission, i simply send my bank account number and afterwards they're able to make their payment?

Maybe this is a stupid question. But this whole thing is new to me and would really like to know how it works.

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We do something similar in the US sometimes, but I'm not sure if that's feasible on an international basis. Is there any reason to not make a paypal? Is it too much of a hassle for you? Paypal actually does wire money transfer directly to your bank account, as well as exchange currency (since not everyone uses the same one) and adjusts the amount, etc.