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Question about someone editing artwork they commissioned from you


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So someone commissions an artist for a custom adopt or art of their character. There are certain markings they don't like on the custom that they want to change a little. One of the hands is backwards on the art of their character so they want to edit it to be the right way. Very small edits.

Now as an artist, I'm not exactly sure how I would feel if someone did this. I guess I can understand not telling the artist to do these things because they're afraid they'd get mad. This has never happened to me before, and if it has, I haven't found out about it. It happened to a friend on Discord and they're feeling pretty bad since the commissioner said the art was perfect.

So what do you think about this? Is this wrong? Why or why not?
I'm curious. :0


If the commissioner said it was perfect, then turned around and changed it in the manners you described, then they're a dick and your friend isn't wrong for feeling badly about that.

As someone who purchases arts and has a few artists for friends, I can see both sides of this.

For the artist, at least from what I've seen, most are likely to make edits without fuss - even major ones during sketch phase. Very rarely have I seen some that have a harsh policy for edits, and even then they still allow for minor edits or major edits if it was their fault. So, as long as edits are allowed in some fashion, it's pretty crappy for a commissioner to change things. On adopts I will say it seems like a "they come this way, no changes" thing, so specifically for those I don't think the edit policy is flexible enough and I could see why someone may make minor edits once purchased.

For the commissioner, sometimes depending on the artist's skill and overall attitude it can be intimidating asking for edits, even just minor ones, because there may be awkward feels or added costs to deal with. It may also be an issue they didn't notice until after the piece was finished and they gawked at it so long mistakes started to become apparent (actually happened to me, though I chose to ignore it rather than change it) - this makes it extremely difficult to go back and ask for an edit. Perhaps they did truly like the art, but wanted to try something and ended up liking that slightly better, so decided to post it. In that case, as long as original credit was given, I wouldn't see a huge issue with that. Hard to know intent though.

I'm a fan of being forward, but most people would rather not be. They'll either let it go or try to deal with it some other way if it means avoiding a possibly awkward situation. I had an issue with my last commission after it was finished, their mistake, but they were nice enough to correct it no charge. It was something I probably could have edited out myself, but... I didn't pay me, ya know?

tl;dr - Commissioners should be more up front if they don't like what the artist did and don't be afraid to ask for changes, especially if minor.


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tl;dr - Commissioners should be more up front if they don't like what the artist did and don't be afraid to ask for changes, especially if minor.

I admit, I have altered/edited a few commissions, but only for local and personal use like fitting the image to an aspect ratio for my background or filling in white space with a specific color to make it "better" as a background. I only post the original if I do choose to share it.

Otherwise, I either accept what WIP images I'm shown or I suggest edits.

Adopts are a weird world to me. I have adopted a few characters and I have gotten commissions of them with different markings/anatomy. I don't feel bad or weird about it and the original artist shouldn't either. Why? I bought the concept/idea of that character, and chose to pay for the courtesy of maintaining that character and changing them slightly. If anything, it's better than ripping off someone else's character and changing a few things for themselves for free!


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I edited an image I got commissioned but also messaged the artist- they got the eye color wrong for one of my characters. They were totally cool fixing it, and their version looked better than mine anyways. If they hadn't edited it, I still would have been fine with my version.

It's okay if it is minor details, like the color of a small part, but I'm not sure how I feel about changing large things...