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Question about Sta.sh files


da golden wuff
What do people genually use Sta.sh files for on DA? My understanding is that Sta.sh files are not availble to the public unless you share the flie link, so just curious of the benefits to it.

Also, I know that DA is every strict with its NSFW content, and I couldn't see anything in their policy about Sta.sh files and the kind of NSFW content that it allows. Is it the same as when uploading to your normal gallery? As I am a NSFW artist, I am wondering if it would even worth my time.

TIA :3


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I just use it as cloud storage for finished art and references that I don't necessarily need in the main gallery for public view but still might want to share with some people in the future :v I'm positive you're free to upload whatever you want in there, some people even upload photoshop/sai cracks and didn't seem to have encountered any problems with it.


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I use it to keep references for my characters and my TOS. Stuff like that.