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Question bout der/stag dentition build


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Ok first up i dont know where to put it so i put it in general if you know a better place please tell me.

I am working on stag fursuit head. Got almot everthing done just teeth and antlers are missing. I know how to the antlers so only thing missing are the teeth (and the fur but i know how to so that to ;-) )
Has anyone got ideas expirience with stag / deer teeth? They need to be there cuz moving jaw else i would have just left them out its a fairly realistic look not toony you should not see much of the theeth when the jaw is closed.

Thanks for taking the time to answer!

I am not a native speaker so please excuse any grammer, typing or expression errors.

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Thanks those images are a great help. Im gonna 3d print the teeth for a more detailed shape though.

Thanks a lot mate
No problem, glad I could help bring a Deer into the world :u