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Question concerning AUP and screenshots


I don't like people
First my question...
The AUP states:
Screenshots of applications, copyrighted content (movies, tv shows, etc), or websites are prohibited, unless showcasing new, original, user-created content (models, textures, etc). This rule does not apply to games with user created content (Garry's Mod, Second Life, Minecraft, IMVU, etc).
In other words...
We don't allow screenshots unless they're showing off something you created.

It also states:
Content created via character or image generators is prohibited (such as Doll Divine).
In other words...
We do not allow submissions created using character creators.

I was wondering if there could be some clarification about the allowed screencaps. Does the screencap require there to be something that the person created (models, textures, etc) in order for it to be acceptable.

If a person goes on IMVU or SL, purchases an avatar/outfit, and takes screencaps of their avatar, would that be allowed even though the screencap doesn't have any content that user created?

Now my personal opinion....
In my eyes, a person buying an outfit via the imvu catalog is no more user-created than an image generator/character creator (doll divine, etc) so it should be against the AUP. (Note that I am talking about people buying premade items on IMVU, not screencaps where the user actually created things shown)

But my opinion isn't what dictates the rules of FA and the AUP. I am hoping for some kind of official statement clarifying this section of the AUP. And people are also welcome to discuss their opinions as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.